UG / PG Laboratories

Power System Laboratory

Power system lab is a well equipped lab having experiments in the area of power system, power protection and energy studies. The Lab is having hardware and software based experiments with excellent research facilities. The lab is having following important Hardware and Software.

Hardware Based Experiments:
  • A three phase transmission line model with T and Pi arrangements with three phase static star and delta capacitor banks to perform series and shunt compensation study and finding A,B,C,D parameters of transmission line and its efficiency, Ferranti effect etc.
  • Conventional Electromechanical and Static relays like Differential Relay, Over Current and Earth Fault, Over Voltage and Under Voltage, Negative Sequence Relays etc.
  • Weather forecasting Station predicting effect of Temperature, Humidity and Wind Speed on the Solar Radiation received on the earth is installed on the top of the roof of the lab to do research and projects in the area.
  • Kippen Zonen Pyranometer to record minute to minute data of Global solar radiation for research purpose in the area.
  • Different types of solar panels comprising thin film, mono-crystalline and poly crystalline of 2 kW are installed on the top of the roof of the lab to study characteristics of solar radiation and for doing research and major /minor M. Tech/ B. Tech Projects in the area.
  • Different types of Batteries like Lead Acid, Li and Ni-Cd to study their characteristics.
Software available:
  • Mi Power
  • Pv Syst
  • PS CAD
  • ETAP

Computer Laboratory

Computer laboratory is equipped with latest version of licensed software like MATLAB, AUTOCAD, ETAP& PSCAD and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and compiler for C/C++ programs. This laboratory caters to the need of subjects like NACP, Power systems and electrical machines based experiments.

Measurement Laboratory

Measurement laboratory is equipped a latest technique of Active & Passive transducers like strain gauge, LVDT, pres-sure cell, frequency meter, thermocouple etc. Apart from these, it also has LCR meter, current transformer (CT), potential transformer (PT ), oscilloscope, ohm meter etc. The measurement laboratory also has basic infrastructure facilities for current, voltage, power, energy, resistance, inductance and capacitance measurement. This laboratory caters to the need of subject likes Measurement, Instrumentation, Process Control & Basic Electrical Engineering based experiments.

Electrical Machine Laboratory

The Electrical Machine laboratory plays a very important role in the proper functioning of the Electrical Power Systems. Electrical Machine laboratory of the department has set up important experiments based on AC & DC Machines like, Induction machines, Transformers, Phase conversion, DC machines alongwith other conventional sets of experiments. Special feature of all these experiments is that, they are expandable and many different types of tests can be explored on a particular set up. Therefore, it is also very well suited for carrying out project work by students of B.Tech. (Electrical) and B.E. (Electrical) in the field of electrical machines and power systems.

Control System Laboratory

Control system laboratory is equipped with kits to perform experiments on PID control, speed control of DC motor and servo motor, error detector, robo-vision, robot arm, relay control, stepper motor control, microprocessor and microcontrollers. Besides these, fuzzy logic kit, PLC, compensator and digital storage oscilloscope are also available in the laboratory. The laboratory has facilities to carry out research work. It is one of the advanced laboratories of the department with power back-up facilities for process control.

Power Electronics Laboratory

The power electronics laboratory has equipments with latest state-of-the-art technology. It offers simple experiments for understanding the basic concepts alongwith the advance facilities to conduct microprocessor, micro-controller and DSP based experiments and project works. Apart from conventional equipments, other major facilities available include HP make 4 channel digital stor-age oscilloscope with PC connectivity, Meco make energy auditor, HP make scopemeter with inbuilt multimeter in digital scope with PC connectivity. The Voltech make power analyser giving complete details of voltage, current, active-, reactive- and harmonic power, interface card to develop C/ C++ based software for hardware control, Tektronix make portable Techscope, ABB make voltage and current sensors, 80196KC and 8051 micro-controller kits for implementation of inverter control algorithms, and HP make Omnibook. The laboratory is well equipped even to support the students to work in the area of converters, inverters, intelligent motion control, power electronics application to power system including active filters, power factor correction, FACT controllers and STATCOM.

Microprocessors & its Applications Laboratory

The microprocessor laboratory of the Department has many kits of microprocessor intel 8085 and intel 8086. The work station based on micro- processor intel 8085 have also been in-stalled in the laboratory to perform vari-ous experiments directly using assembly languages. One transparent PC-XT is be-ing used by students for demonstration of internal functioning. A facility of multi-us-ers based on pentium processor is also available for advance experiments in the microprocessor laboratory.

Analog Electronics Laboratory

The analog electronics laboratory is developed so that the students would be able to propose a solution for a specific problem in analog electronics system. Through the activities of this laboratory course, the students would be able to use the modern equipment for designing and testing of electronics, and lifelong zeal to provide technical solutions to societal problems. In this laboratory, some of the experiments conducted are; study of the characteristics and applications of PN junction diode, Zener diode, realization of the different rectifier circuits, BJT, JFET; study of the application of an Operational Amplifier as Instrumentation amplifier, unity follower and inverting and non-inverting amplifier etc. The laboratory is well equipped with the facility to support the students in their project work.

Digital Electronics Laboratory

The basic electronics laboratory is designed to conduct experiments of analog electronics and digital electronics for undergraduate students. This laboratory is equipped with high quality dual channel oscilloscopes (C.R.O.),dual power supply, function generators , digital multimeters, milliammeter micro-ammeters and also voltmeters and ammeters. Here the students are trained to identify the basic electronic devices like transistor, diode and digital ICs and their pin-configuration. The students are encouraged to lookup the analog and digital circuits on bread board and test them using various testing equipments.

Communication Systems Laboratory

In this laboratory, the students are given first hand experience on basic communication systems such as trans-mitters, filters and receivers. This labo-ratory is equipped with communication training kits specially designed for undergraduate students. It has good quality kits of AM transmitters, SSB, DSB, AM receivers, FM transmitters and receivers, pulse code mudulation (PCM), PAM, PWM, PPM, and delta modulation and demodulation training kits. This laboratory also has duel chan-nel 60 mHz. CRO with digital display and function generator.