Arabic is a dynamic international language of the world, spoken natively by more than 300 million Arabs living in 22 states; and used by the UNO officially in their organizations as one of the most widespread languages of the world. Moreover, it is also religious language for more than one billion Muslims of various languages and origins in countries across the globe.

The Department of Arabic is one of the oldest Departments of Jamia Millia Islamia. It enjoys a high reputation not only in India but also in the Arab & Muslim world.

Arabic in Jamia Millia Islamia has been one of the subjects which were introduced at the undergraduate level at the earliest stage. However, its teaching at Post-graduate level started in 1976 as one of the three disciplines of the erstwhile Department of Islamic & Arab Iranian Studies. The Department of Arabic as an independent unit was established only in 1988. At present the Department conducts different courses such as B.A. (Honors), M.A. and part-time evening courses namely Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma in modern Arabic language and translation. Besides, it also enrols scholars for Ph.D. course on a variety of subjects' relevant to Arabic language and literature. Till date approximately 55 scholars have been awarded Ph. D. degree. Around 48 scholars are pursuing Ph. D. program at present.

Under the Ph.D. program, the scholars have to qualify two papers of hundred marks each being taught in the Department w.e.f. 2010-2011, entitled: Methodology of Research and Editing, as well as the Essentials of the research work. The preparation of a bibliography of 50 marks related to the topics concerned is also essential for every Ph.D. scholar under the guidance of their supervisors. Thus, the Jamia Millia Islamia has become an important centre of research in the country.

The semester system has been reintroduced at M.A. level with effect from the Academic Session 2010-2011. The department has also started semester system at B.A. (Honors) level with effect from the beginning of the session 2012-2013. The course has been designed in such a way that reflects a high balance between the classical and modern literature apart from the maximum required focus on the language aspect.

One of the unique features of the courses designed for various levels of study is the special thrust on the need to create considerable efficiency in writing and speaking in Arabic among the students. Translation/Interpretation from English into Arabic and vice-versa is another aspect which is given special attention at various levels of teaching.

The Department of Arabic in Jamia Millia Islamia is regarded as the main centre for teaching translation which is an extremely important skill & need of the today's world. Translation can open doors to employment in various industries and sometimes even top Defence departments & Investigation agencies finds itself in desperate need of translators and interpreters for their secret documents.

We have three part-time evening courses of one year each, called as Certificate in Modern Arabic, Diploma in Modern Arabic and Advance Diploma in Modern Language & Translation. Concentration being given in these courses is job oriented conversational and functional Arabic useful to uplift our national economy.

Apart from teaching activities, the Department has been organizing Sheikhul-Hind Mulana Mahmud Hasan Lectures for the past eight years on different important topics and also been organizing extension lectures every month throughout the academic session. The Department has also organized five one day national seminars on curricula development and methods of teaching: problems and prospects, The Art of Translation, Arabic Teaching in India, New Trends in Modern Arabic Literature and Quran, Universe and Science.

The Department of Arabic also has a subject association which keeps the students busy in different academic & cultural activities throughout the year. The Department has also brought out three annual journals in Arabic language so far.