Names Of CPIO & FAA

Names of First Appellate Authorities (FAAs); Central Public Information Officers (CPIOs) & Central Assistant Public Information Officers (CAPIOs) of different Offices and Departments

S.N. Office/Dept. F.A.A. C.P.I.O C.A.P.I.O
1. Office of the PIO/ RTI Section (RO) Administration Block, Mir Taqi Mir Building, Bab-e Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam ,Gate No.15,(For offices & units other than those mentioned below:-) Mohd. Hadis Lari, Officiating Registrar & First Appellate Authority (FAA) Administration Block, Bab-e Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Gate No. 15, Ph.: 26980337 Ext. No.1100 & 1101 Fax: 26980229 Email: Prof. Shabana Mehfuz, Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) (ii) Tel: 26981717; 26988044 Ext. No.1070 | 1071 Email:- Dr. Ibadur Rahman, CAPIO Tel: 26981717; 26988044 Ext. No.1070 |1071 |1072 Email:
2. Office of the Controller of Examinations & Admissions Mr. Jitender Singh, Dy. Registrar (Exams.) & First Appellate Authority Tel: 26981717; 26329167 Ext. No.1410 Email: Dr. Saba Mahmood Bashir, CPIO (Exams.) Tel. 26981717; 26988846 Ext. No.2512; Email: ‒ NA ‒
3. Centre for Distance & Online Education Prof. Jasim Ahmad, Hony. Director,CDOE & First Appellate Authority Tel. 26981717, 26929226 Ext. No. 4220 | 4221 Fax: 26921264 Email: Dr. Maqsood Ahmad Malik, CPIO,
Email:, Mobile: #
‒ NA ‒