Hostel Introduction

Jamia Hostels

Jamia is emerging as a preferred destination for higher education and attracts students from across country and abroad leading to a strong students’ diversity with over 68% students coming from other states, besides foreigners. To address the needs of such students to an extent, Jamia Millia Islamia offers limited hostel facilities. Separate hostel facilities are ofered to boys and girls students as described below:


Girls Hostels in Jamia

Hostels facilities to girls students are offered through hostels organised in two campuses viz. A and B.

Campus - A: 

Campus A comprises following five hostels with 3-seater, 4-seater rooms and Dormitories (for Jamia school residents)

Sr. No Name of the Hostel Capacity
1 Aruna Asaf Ali Hostel (AAA) 61
2 Begum Anis Kidwai Hostel (BAK) 275
3 Bi Amma Hostel 385
4 Bi Amma Hostel – Annexe 24
5 Gerda Philipsborn Hostel (GP) Under maintenance


Campus - B: 

Hostels in campus B comprises of 3-seater rooms, 2- seater rooms for Specially Abled Students & Dormitories (for Jamia school residents):

Sr. No Name of the Hostel Capacity
1 Begum Hazrat Mahal Girls’ Hostel 419
2 J&K Girls’ Hostel 700


Boys Hostels in Jamia

There are two halls of Boys residence viz MMA Jauhar Hall & Dr. Zakir Husain Hall consisting of eight hostels accommodating about 2220 students:

MMA Jauhar Hall

Sr. No. Hostel Capacity
1 Fazalur Rahman Khan Hostel 360
2 Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Hostel 330
3 Sir A.M. Khwaja Hostel 270
4 Dormitory Seats 20
  Total 980


Dr. Zakir Husain Hall

Sr. No Name of the Hostel Capacity
1 Allama Iqbal Hostel 501
2 E.J. Kellat Hostel 168
3 Shafiqur Rehman Kidwai Hostel 186
4 Obaidullah Sindhi Hostel 35
5 New Boys Hostel(To be named) 300
6 Dormitory Seats 50
  Total 1240