Established in 1996, as one among the departments of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, this department participates in B. Tech and M. Tech. programs offered by the Faculty. In addition, the department offers a two year M. Sc. Electronic program with an intake of 30 students per year. The M. Sc. Electronics program imparts instruction in the basics of electronics science, The program has earned a prestigious position for itself among similar programs available in the country.

The department teaches the subjects of Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics and Social Science in the B. Tech. programs and Mathematics in the M. Tech programs. There are 13 well qualified and experienced faculty members whose services are available to the department. Among them there are six Professors, four Associate Professors & three Assistant Prof. given at:-

The faculty members have actively contributed to current research.

The department offers Ph.D. program in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Social Science. A list of the research Scholars presently enrolled or recently graduate is enclosed. The specializations available are electronic science, analytical Chemistry, environmental Chemistry, spectroscopy, special functions and applied psychology. The department possesses, to a significant extent the research facilities needed. The scholars also interact frequently with the research institutes located in Delhi and access the facilities available there.

Teachers of the department have six books to their credit. They regularly communicate their research output to the known journals in the field and get them published. The books have elicited a good response and are being used by students and teachers else where also.

Some important analytical equipments available are HRSEM, Micro-Raman Setup, HRFTIR, high performance chromatography unit (HPLC-UV-Perkins Elmer Series 200), atomic absorption photometer (AAS-Perkins Elmer 3100), Gas chromatography Unit (GC - Agilent - 7890A), Spectrop (UV-2450) Shimadzu make and Spectrofluorometer RF - 5301 PC.