Welcome to Jamia Middle School


Jamia Middle School shares its history with Jamia Millia Islamia. It was established on 29th October 1920 at Aligarh. In 1925, it was shifted to Karol Bagh, Delhi, where the foundations of Primary Education were laid down. The present campus came into existence on 1st March, 1935. It was from this point in time that Jamia Middle School became an ideal place for community teaching and it was here that, under the guidance of Dr. Zakir Hussain, the first experimental teaching was successfully conducted. ‘Learning by doing’ was the core ideology behind Basic Education which is still the essence of the school.

An Insight

Jamia Middle School is a perfect blend of old fashioned traditionalism and modern pragmatism. Special efforts are made towards the moral, spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development of children. The students are taught in a way that they are able to take up every challenge with sincerity, integrity and to the best of their ability.

Academic Profile

The school is a co educational institution consisting of Primary and Middle Section with Classes I to VIII. Each class has four sections. It has boarding facilities for boys of classes VI onwards. Following the module of ‘Learning by Doing’ the school teaches various crafts. As computers have almost become synonymous with present day life, they are taught right from IV standard. The school is also part of the AYV program where students prepare documentary films on different topics.


School building is aesthetically and traditionally designed and has all essential facilities for children. It has Science, Mathematics and Computer laboratories and also Art, Craft, Home Science, Music, Yoga and Sports rooms.


Sport prepares a child to become a liberal individual who understands the value of teamwork and sportsman’s spirit in all aspects of life. Sporting activities play a major role in shaping students’ outlook and inculcating values like optimism, belief in oneself and the ability of taking failure in one’s stride. At Jamia Middle School, students do Yoga as well as enjoy sports and attend inter-class competitions like Table Tennis, Football, Cricket, Volleyball and Basketball. A Sports day is held every year.


Following the patterns of Democracy the school holds annual elections to elect members of the ‘School Cabinet’ or ‘Bachhon ki Hukumat’; wherein each and every child right from class one casts his vote to elect the President. An ‘Investiture ceremony’ or ‘Masnad Nashini’ is also held. In accordance with the old tradition of the school, every year a ‘One Day school’ or ‘Ek Din ka Madarsa’ is celebrated where all the children of class eight manage the school by taking up the roles of various teaching and non-teaching staff. The students participate in different competitions like English Quiz, Painting etc in their schools as well as win prizes when they go to other schools for inter-school competitions. On special days assemblies are held celebrating its importance.