Faculty of Fine Arts was founded in 1951 as Art Institute by Abul Kalam who laid its foundation at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Art was envisaged as an integral part of the life for the post-independent citizen of the country, thus the objective was to impart training of art and craft through modern concepts and methods of Art Education. The stress was given on individuality through knowledge of native and Western traditions. In 1967 the Arts Institute became the Department of Art and Craft Education and a part of the Teacher's Training College, and subsequent to this, in 1980-81 it was granted the status of Department of Fine Arts and Art Education and professional courses (BFA) in Painting, Applied Art, and Sculpture were started. Later, B.A (Hons.) course in Art and Art Education was modified to B.F.A in Art Education to provide a comprehensive degree program for art teachers.

On December 3rd, 2007 it was declared as Faculty of Fine Arts. At present it comprises following departments:

  • Department of Applied Art
  • Department of Painting
  • Department of Sculpture
  • Department of Art Education
  • Department of Art History and Art Appreciation
  • Department of Graphic Art

The Faculty has a vibrant, creative, and intellectual culture that fosters cutting-edge practice, research and scholarship. More than 450 students are greeted with an environment that reflects the openness and diversity of contemporary art and culture. Faculty members are committed to integrating new technologies with traditional media and historical fine arts practices.
The Departments offer a range of graduate and postgraduate programs, including the country's first and only Master's degree in Art Education. Taking advantage of trendĀ¬setting courses and research opportunities, individuals thrive in an atmosphere of exploration and discovery, developing as practicing artists and teachers by immersing themselves in a vibrant cultural and academic community.

Faculty of Fine Arts is widely recognized as a national leader in Fine Arts study and research. We are proud of our transcultural, interdisciplinary approach and longstanding commitment to Contemporary art.