Introduction to Dean Students' Welfare

The Office of the Dean, Students' Welfare in the University looks after the general welfare of the students. It also provides appropriate encouragement for sound and fruitful relationship between the intellectual and social life of the students and those aspects of the University life outside the classroom. These aspects contribute to their growth and development as mature and responsible human beings.  

Functions of DSW

As per Ordinance (Academic) XXI, the Dean of Students' Welfare provides guidance and advise to the students of the University in matters relating to the following:    

  • Organisation and development of students' bodies;    
  • Counselling and students' guidance facilities;  
  • Promotion of students' participation in co-curricular and social activities;  
  • Financial aid to students;  
  • Students- Teacher and Student-Administration relationship;  
  • Career advice services;   
  • Health and Medical Services for the students;  
  • Residential life of the students;  
  • Arranging facilities for the students' Educational Tours and Excursion, other than those prescribed as part of curriculum;  
  • securing facilities for students for further studies in the country and/or abroad, and career advancement; and;
  • Any other problems of the students relating to the University.  

In addition, the Office of Dean Students Welfare shall:

  • Coordinate the activities of various Halls of Residence;
  • Make arrangement with the Railway and Airlines for the issue of concession tickets to students during vacations, for educational tours and for students participation in extra-curricular activities and sports;
  • Maintain the register of Alumni and foster communication;
  • Students' Grievances: The Dean, Students' Welfare is also mandated to redress all students' grievances. The Dean, Students' Welfare is the Nodal Officer responsible for monitoring all students' grievances. All kinds of grievances related to academic and administrative issues, entitlements to various facilities, issues of discrimination, Student‐Teacher and Student‐ Administration relationship, residential life of the students, etc. may be brought to the attention of the Dean, Students' Welfare who will redress students' grievances, through official mechanism.