Applied Art as the name itself suggests is Art as Applied to a specific purpose in order to inform or sell goods or services. It is a best regarded as a powerful medium for mass communication besides its extensive use in the field of advertising, Applied Art is also considered as an effective tool for visual publicity. It is an art of the modern age with a firm belief in art and industry suitable to the age.

Applied Art is the need of every nation and national industry and the field of commerce has to depend on it. When labour and machinery play their part in producing indigenous goods or products, the Applied artist plays an equally important part in planning, designing, advertising and helping to sell these goods or products .The Applied artists has as fascinating, a creative field as anyone connected with other Fine Art he can make his work a thing of beauty, charm and attraction, there by becoming a Fine showman and an engaging sells man.

The syllabus is designed to sharpen artistic intellectual and creative sensibilities, the students are groomed to attain proficiency as Graphic Designers (Applied Artist) in the field of Advertising. Intellectual development is also directed to perusing higher education.

Our Objectives

Our objectives are to advance learning, knowledge and professional competence particularly in the filed of applied arts, in the principle and practice of art and design in relation to industrial, commercial and social developments.

Department of Applied Arts, Jamia Millia Islamia aims to achieve international standards of excellence in graduate and post graduate educations of future artists and designers.

It aims to achieve these through the quality of its teaching, research and practice and through its relationship with the institutions and industry and technologies associated with the discipline of art and designs.

Fostering a high level of understanding of the principle and practice of art and design encouraging individual creativity among staff and students.

Recruiting students of proven ability and by providing pre-professional and post experience study opportunities.

Continuously enhancing appropriate links and collaborations with industries and professional bodies.

Exploring the innovative applications of technologies and processes to the discipline of art and design.

Encouraging awareness of social and environmental developments in so far as they relate to art and design.

Scope of Applied Art (Graphic Design) :
  • Information Graphics
  • Advertising Design
  • Packaging
  • Corporate Identity
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Knowledge of Typography
  • Photography
  • Drawing and Visual Studies
  • History of Graphics and Art
  • Drawing for Storyboard
  • Animation
  • Illustrations
  • Outdoor Media / Wow Media
  • POP Media

Electronic Media : as it has redefined the definition of Graphic Design and has made graphic reproduction technology more accessible to the designers.

Growth :

Innovation and Research
Professional Focus
Influence on Art and Design