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Department of Social Work

UGC Centre for Advanced Study

The Department of Social Work established in 1967 has been in the forefront of academic and field innovations in the country and has been consistently upgrading its curriculum to make it more responsive to the social challenges in India. After several phases of special assistance, in 2010, the UGC recognized the Department as a Centre for Advanced Study in Social Work.

The Department is well known for its teaching and instructional programme as well as innovative field action projects. It boasts of first rate highly qualified and field grounded faculty. It maintains a progressive and people centred emancipatory focus in its pedagogy, research and field action. The teaching faculty is constantly engaged in advanced research and field action projects to inform its instructional programmes. Members of the faculty also serve on various committees for the formulation, monitoring and implementation of development initiatives, both in the government and the NGO sector. Several high quality publications from reputed publishers have been produced by members of the faculty.

The Department also boasts of excellent infrastructure in terms of smart class-rooms, a modern conference room,  well stocked seminar library, a computer and data processing laboratory and an advanced behavioural and personality enrichment laboratory.

Presently, the Department offers the following instructional programmes:

  1. Ph D
  2. M A Social Work
  3. M A Human Resource Management
  4. B A (Hons) Social Work
  5. Post Graduate Diploma in Management of Non-Governmental Organisations

The Instructional programme has some unique components to develop fully rounded humane professionals. Some of the important ones include a compulsory Rural Camp of 10 days duration, Skill Laboratory training for micro skill development, a Self Development and Management Programme for the development of managerial skills and Group Conferences to enhance the analytical and presentation skills of the students. All these complement a robust field training programme, wherein all students are required to put in atleast 15 hours per week in each semester in leading NGOs and civil society organizations.

Recently, the Department has taken up the following long term initiatives:

1.   Behavioural and Personality Enrichment Laboratory:
      a.   Conduct of skill laboratories
      b.   Capacity Development of NGOs
      c.   Development of AV aids for social work education
2.  Research and Resource Unit on Social Work with Minorities:
     a.   Interface with  NGOs in Jamia Neighborhood for Need Assessment and Capacity Building
     b.   Sharing of Best Practices by Jamia Neighbourhood NGOs
     c.   Development of documentation centre on Minorities
3.  Leadership Role in Social Work Education:
     a.    All India Conference on Professional Social Work  
     b.    Secretariat of the North Zone Network  of Schools of Social Work

Research and field action projects have been the backbone of the instructional programme of the Department. Presently, the Department is focusing on research and field action projects in the areas of primary education among Muslims, the Global Fund – Saksham Project, a UNICEF sponsored child rights programme in Moradabad, Need assessment and impact studies on CSR, Women and Ageing etc.