The Department of Adult and Continuing Education and Extension (DACEE) came into existence as a Centre of Adult & Continuing Education & Extension (CACEE) in 1982. In 1990 with the introduction of Masters' Degree in Extension Education the CACEE became a Department under the Faculty of Social Sciences. Amongst the 103 CACEEs/DACEEs in the country the DACEE, JMI was the first to start a Master’s Degree in Extension Education. The Department now performs three fold activities i.e. teaching, research and extension.

1. Teaching

The Department is offering M.A. / M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Extension Education since 1990 and 1997 respectively. Most of the pass outs of the Department are employed as professional extension workers/ researchers /teachers and at other associated positions in reputed Institutions/Organizations both in India and abroad.

2. Research

The Department has in so far completed three Major Research Projects titled "Education for Development: A Study of Status, Problem and Educational Needs of Muslim Women in Delhi" (1991), "Training Needs of Rurban Muslim Women" (2002)and " Collection, Documentation and Validation of Indigenous Technical Knowledge"(2004). The ongoing research projects of the Department are: i) Developing Theories of Adoption by Cumulating Studies Across the Country ii) Empowerment and Leadership Development in Mahila Pradhans for Dissemination of Agricultural Technologies pertaining to Scheduled Caste Families

3. Extension

DACEE has been conducting extension programs in continuing education, adult education and population education since 1983. The continuing education programs are being conducted under three main thrust areas:

a) Adult Continuing Education for University Groups:

The Department has been organizing courses/programs for professionals and Para-professionals such as University & School Teachers, Medical & Veterinary Officers, Project Officers, NGO functionaries, Health Workers as well as for University students in a number of areas.

b) Adult Extension Education for those not eligible for University Based Courses:

Besides awareness generating programs, the Department has been organizing skill and knowledge based courses for unemployed/ underemployed and out of school youth. During the past eighteen years DACEE/CACEE has conducted about 210 courses in the above mentioned two thrust areas in which more than 4700 persons have been benefited. The Department has also organized several workshops, seminars, talks etc., for University students and teachers.

c) Community Outreach Program:

The Department has been organizing a number of courses, street corner plays, puppet shows etc. in the slums, urbanized villages and communities around Jamia Millia Islamia for women, adolescent girls and youth.

Adult Education:

From 1984-85 till 1991-92 the DACEE had been actively organizing adult literacy program through adult education centres in different communities around Jamia. The Mass Program for Functional Literacy (MPFL) was also carried out from 1986 to 1990. In order to prevent the neo-literates from reverting back to illiteracy, Jan Shikshan Nilayams (Reading room-cum-library) were established in the communities around Jamia. These JSNs consisted of a wide variety of post-literacy and other reading materials. The JSNs continued till March 1997.

Population Education:

Under the population education program, a Population Education Club was formed in Jamia. The activities of the Club included organization of debates, essay writing, poster making competitions etc. for the students of Jamia Millia Islamia and extension lectures, street corner plays on small family norm, gender equality and other related topics in the adopted communities of the Department.

Student's Extension Activities:

The students of Master's Degree in Extension Education under the guidance and supervision of the faculty members organize and conduct a number of extension activities such as street corner plays, community talks, video film shows etc. in the communities adopted for extension work.