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·        To carry out leading research in all the areas of Computer Science & Engineering.
·        To train and prepare the students for taking up leading jobs in industry and academia.
·        To carry out collaborative research with the leading industries.

About the Department
The Department of Computer Engineering was started in the year 2000. Initial years of the department were turbulent as the department faced a unique problem of high attrition rate. But since then the department has kept on evolving itself and now has become one of the leading departments at the Faculty of Engg and Tech.
Two undergraduate courses are running at the department i.e. B.Tech. in Computer Engg and B.E. in Computer Engg. Both the courses are fully equipped with the subjects that are currently the need of the industry with the aim to make the students market ready.
Keeping the current market trends in mind, the department of computer Engg has also started an elective paper for the final year students, titled Embedded System Design.
Apart from the curriculum, the department has actively organized lectures for its students on various technical as well as non technical topics which are delivered by professionals from the industry. Since the last two years, the department has successfully organized workshop on Embedded System Design, in which students were provided with a hands on approach for working on microcontrollers.
The Department has been working towards placements of its students very diligently. We were fortunate enough to get an accreditation from TCS. With the visit of other companies, most of the students of the department have got placed. Companies like TCS, HCL, HP, Adobe, Arricent, Accenture, BirlaSoft, NewGen etc have visited the department for campus selection in the past few years.
The Department also runs the Ph. D. program successfully, under which a number of research scholars are working in the fields of Networking, Data Mining, and Artificial Intelligence etc. The Faculty members at the department have produced quite a large number of papers in various National and International Journals and Conferences. The faculty members have also authored a number of books in the field of Computer Engg and are actively involved in taking the department to greater heights.
The Department of computer Engg is also an institutional member of the Computer Society of India, and had opened a students’ chapter which successfully conducts an annual cultural cum technical fest “Algorythm” and various other events throughout the year. We also have a Linux user group here at the department which is also actively making efforts to improve the students’ skills in the field of linux.
Course Intake
B.Tech Computer Engineering                                                   70 Seats
B.E. Computer Engineering, Evening Program                       70 Seats
Currently the Department has more than 280 students in the B.Tech program, and around 220 students in the B.E. program.
Though less in number as compared to the other departments in the Faculty, the Department has a well qualified, skilled and dedicated faculty who are always available for their students.

The labs at the department represent the current market needs and trends. The Department has a Main Computing Lab, an Advanced Computing Lab, a Sun – Solaris lab which has one Linux and another Solaris Server machine. The Department also maintains an Electronics Hardware lab for the students to understand the hardware concepts regarding a computing system.
The department also has a Silicon Graphics Workstation for the students to perform graphics and image related projects are performed.
The Department is successfully running the PhD program, where research in the field of Data Mining, AI, Neural Networks, Computer Networks, Adhoc Networks is going on. The Department has already produced 5 PhD degrees in the above mentioned areas and around 8 students are currently enrolled.
Contribution to the Corporate Life
Prof. M. M. Sufyan Beg, Member of the Board of Studies, FTK Center of Information And Technology (FTKCIT), New Delhi 110025.
Prof. M. M. Sufyan Beg, Member of the Board of Studies, Department of Mechanical Engineering, JMI, New Delhi 110025.
Prof M.N. Doja, Member of Board of Management , FTK Center of Information And Technology (FTKCIT), New Delhi 110025.
Prof M.N. Doja, Member of Board of Sub Purchase Committee for Computer, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi 110025.
Prof M.N. Doja, Member of Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) Cell, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi 110025.
Membership of Academic & Professional Bodies held by Faculty Members:
Prof M.M. Sufyan Beg, Senior Member of IEEE and its Computational Intelligence Society.
Prof M.M. Sufyan Beg, Honorary Member of World Federation on Lateral Computing.
Prof M.M. Sufyan Beg, Life Member of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE).
Prof M.M. Sufyan Beg, Life Member of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers (IETE).
Prof M.M. Sufyan Beg, Life Member of Computer Society of India (CSI).
Prof M.M. Sufyan Beg, Life Member of System Society of India (SSI).
Prof M.N. Doja, Member of Computer Society of India (CSI).
Prof M.N. Doja, Member of Institute of Electronic Engineer (IEE).
Mr. Mohd. Amjad, Life Member of International Society of Technical  Education (ISTE)
New Postgraduate Programs
The Department is looking forward to start a Masters program and have collaborative research with industry on joint projects along with making constant efforts to improve the quality of placements to the students. We have also been approached by leading companies like Adobe, for collaborative projects. The modalities are being worked out.
Student achievements
Right from its inception, the Department of Computer Engg has been way ahead of the other departments in the faculty in the arena of campus recruitments. With a proper synchronization with the University Placement Cell, the department is able to achieve a recruitment of 95% on average every year. Most of the students every year have two or more offers of various reputed companies like TCS, Adobe, Arricent etc.
Many students of the department of Computer Engg have also been successful in succeeding at the CAT & GATE exams every year, with some students in IIMs & other reputed institutes for higher education already.
There is also a group of students who have cleared the GRE / GMAT exams and are now in reputed universities in abroad for further studies.
Special Lectures & workshops organized by the department
The Department is highly active in promoting & organizing lectures & workshops for its students which are conducted by some of the best professionals in the industry. These lectures and workshops are immensely beneficial for the students to understand the current needs of the industry and to make them industry ready. Some of the lectures & workshops that were organized by the department during the 2009-2010 are as follows:
  • A 2 Day workshop on “ANDROID OS BASED APPLICATION DEVELOPEMENT” was organized on 24th & 25th of Sept 2011.
  • Workshop on “SAP by WebComm Technologies on 18th April 2010.
  • Lecture on “Cluster & Grid Computing” delivered by Mr. Shahan Ayyubi in Feb 2010.
  • Lecture on “Advancements in Object oriented Programming Languages by Mr. Faruckh Ali on 17th April 2010.
  • Lecture on “Tips on facing group discussion & Personal Interview” by Career Launcher on 6th March 2009.
  • Gate Preparation Evaluation test by Gate Forum, Pritampura on 12th March 2009.
  • Lecture on “GPU Computing using HUDA” by Mr. Hesham Abdul Basit on 18th March 2009.
  • A two day Workshop on “Embedded Systems” supervised by Mr. Rajiv from IIT Kanpur, in May 2009.