Jamia Millia Islamia in order to respond to the ever-increasing demand for Full Time quality MBA programme established an autonomous Centre for Management Studies approved by the Executive Council of the University. The University constituted an Advisory Committee under the chairmanship of the Vice chancellor with prominent academicians and professional in management and business education as member to oversee and guide the programme of the Centre. The Centre for Management Studies presently offers three programmes viz. Ph.D. in Management, MBA (Full-Time) Programme and M.B.A. (International Business) Programme.

Ph.D. Programme

The centre started the Ph.D. programme in management in 2006-07. The centre endeavours to produce quality research in analysis and applied areas of strategic and various functional areas of management. The centre also aims to work in various areas of importance to the country such as infrastructural development, information technology, poverty alleviation, social and cultural issues with active support and coordination of the government and non-profit organizations.

MBA (Full Time) Programme

The MBA (Full Time) Programme, started in the academic session 2003-04, and is aimed at preparing management professional for global business needs. The course content, duration and methodology of the programme are largely based on latest UGC Model Curriculum for MBA. Besides, the programme is unique as it seeks to lay emphasis on global business perspectives.

The two-year programme aims to provide knowledge and skills, which can develop confidence in students to work on problems in an organizational framework. The modular design of the curriculum stimulates conceptual and perpetual skills. The content is such that after a strong foundation has been built, advance work in particular areas would be a natural extension. Following training in core subjects, students choose electives, which along with the project work and other assignments, completes the degree requirements. Besides, the centre also organizes Faculty Development Programmes and Management Development Programmes to facilitate the spread of views on education and industry among larger groups.

M.B.A. (International Business) Programme

The M.B.A. (International Business) Programme shifted to the Centre for Management Studies in academic session 2010. It adheres to high academic standards. The programme has been framed in close interaction with corporate stalwarts and it aims to meet the rapidly evolving requirements of the global economy. Appreciating the pace of changes in global business the world over, the course structure of M.B.A. (International Business) is constantly updated in tune with the changing needs of the industry. Throughout the programme, students are given the opportunity to enhance their conceptual, analytical and communication skill. To meet this end, lecture, tutorials are used; case studies, seminars, business games, and other modern techniques of imparting education are employed. Apart from semester-end examinations, the performance of the students is assessed on the basis of classroom participation, preparation of periodic projects and presentation, mid-term tests and surprise quizzes etc.