Instrumentation System Research Laboratory

Instrumentation Systems Research Laboratory is involved in developing complete sensor based measurement system. The group, associated with this lab, is actively involved in research in following areas;

  • Sensing device fabrication (Thin/thick film sensors)
  • Sensing material & device characterization
  • Testing and calibration
  • Signal conditioning, addressing imperfections in developed measurement system.
  • Wireless humidity monitoring
  • Application of soft computing technique in signal conditioning.
  • DGA (Dissolved gas analysis) based transformer condition monitoring.
  • Application of soft computing techniques in DGA based transformer condition monitoring.

The laboratory has received research funding from prestigious funding agencies like, DST, DAE, DIT etc. In all lab has received approximately Rs. 1 Cr. as research grant. Lab is having state of art facility for the experimental work in the related area. Group has published around 90 research papers including 40 papers in reputed peer reviewed journals and 50 in proceedings of reputed conferences. Group is having working collaboration with CEERI, Pilani; IDDC, IIT-Delhi, NPL, DRDO, SSPL etc.