The Jamia Millia Islamia is a Dual Mode University offering various programmes through Regular and Distance Mode education. In its regular mode, the Jamia conducts Under-Graduate, Post-Graduate, M.Phil., Ph.D. as well as Diploma and Certificate courses. The University caters to the interests of students from all communities, and aims to meet the particular needs of the disadvantaged sections among the Muslims. True to the legacy of its founders, it continues to support measures for affirmative action and foster the goals of building a secular and modern system of integrated education. It is constantly learning from its history to negotiate the new and emerging challenges facing the nation in the twenty-first century.

The Jamia launched the Centre for Distance and Open Learning, with the assistance of Distance Education Council, in September 2002, to provide opportunities for higher education to those who otherwise are not able to draw benefits from the conventional systems of education. The Centre also runs an Urdu Proficiency Course, formerly Urdu Correspondence Course with a purpose is to teach Urdu through the distance mode.

The Open Learning System allows a learner to determine her/his place of learning and provides education at her/his doorstep. The mode of transaction is through self-learning print material, supplemented by audio and video programmes besides face-to-face counselling sessions and contact programmes. Efforts are presently on to arrange Self Learning Material (SLM) online.

The objectives of the Centre inter alia include:

  • To facilitate the students to study from their own chosen place;
  • To enable the student to determine their own place and convenience;
  • To offer flexibility in the choice of subjects from various disciplines;
  • To provide SLM in printed form; and
  • To offer Counselling/Contact Programmes, Workshops, Audio Visual Aids and practical experience to the students through Students Support Service by establishing a number of Study Centres/Extension Units.

To accomplish these objectives, the Centre has constituted Course Development Committees to develop the course structure and oversee the process of SLM building.