Prototyping Information Systems For Local Governance

Science Granting Councils: An Exploration of Policies and Practices for Building Research Capacity

The project engages with the information and process models underlying most modern systems of governance. It suggests mechanisms for local governance whereby the traditionally "governed" category may be more involved in governance.

Some of the questions relevant to the project are:

Who or what are the main constituents of the two categories of "governing" and "governed"? What are the areas and objects of concern? What is the relationship between them? What is considered relevant information and by whom? Who has access to what information? And by what institutional or organizational mechanism?

Funded by the IDRC, and being executed at the Centre for Culture, Media & Governance, Jamia Millia Islamia, the project is a part of the effort to 'explore policies and practices' for building research capacity combining science and technology and the social sciences.