Media Policy And Law

Mapping Media Policy and Law occupies the terrain of research, pedagogy & advocacy on Media Policy & Law (MPL) in India. The central objective of the project is to promote MPL as both, an academic field and a focal point of media advocacy in India. It aims to develop necessary knowledge on MPL in the country that would aide three principal stakeholders: academia, regulatory bodies & CSOs. In the long term, the aim is also to integrate MPL as a component of interdisciplinary teaching in Media Studies, Law and associated social sciences. The project has 3 principal components: Curriculum Development, Research Incubation and Disciplinary

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The non-resident Fellowships offered under the MPL Project straddle the spheres of Curriculum Mapping, Pedagogical Enrichment and Research Incubation. Fellows are identified and selected through the strategic route (instead of a ‘call for proposals’) to maximise traction between their own/ongoing work and the Project’s priorities. Consequently, each Fellowship’s territory of research is collaboratively evolved between prospective Fellows and Project Staff. Over an eight to ten month period, each fellowship leads to a working paper, a public lecture and/or lecture at a project workshop