F/O Engg. & Tech. Auditorium

Rules and Regulations of Faculty of Engineering & Technology Auditorium

The Faculty of Engg. & Technology has a well-furnished- auditorium with audience capacity of 300. The auditorium is well-equipped With audio-visual equipment and the required furniture etc. most suitable for organising different conferences, seminars, workshops and other academic or light cultural functions.

Aims and Objectives
  • The auditorium is mainly a facility to motivate different Departments of Jamia Millia Islamia to organise various academic functions such as seminars, special lectures, workshops etc. It can also serve the purpose of holding annual functions, farewell parties, fresher parties of the students.
  • Competitive academic programmes of students like debates, quiz competitions, presentation of projects of students, can also be held in the auditorium.
  • It may also serve the purpose to hold the briefing session by the company executives who visit the faculty for campus interview of the students.
  • The auditorium is allowed to be used by all the Departments of Jamia Millia Islamia as well as by some reputed outside agencies/organisations.
  • The auditorium can be booked by filling up a prescribed application form, available with the Asstt. Administrative Office of the Faculty at least one week in advance. The priority of reservation shall be considered in the following order: (a) First Priority: Departments of Faculty of Engg. & Technology.(b) Second Priority: Other Departments of Jamia Millia Islamia.
  • The booking can be approved only if the following conditions are met: (a) The programme scheduled to be conducted in the auditorium is approved by the concerned Dean of the Faculty as well as by the Vice-Chancellor, JMI. A written approval of these authorities will be required at the time of booking.(b) For organisations other than Jamia, prior approval from the Vice- Chancellor will be required.(c) The duration of the programme will have to be indicated and the Dean, Faculty of Engg. & Tech. will approve the duration of the programme which will have to be strictly followed.(d) Booking can be disallowed due to non-availability or if conduct of the proposed programme hampers, in any way, the academic activities of the Faculty of Engg. & Tech.( e) The application for booking Will also contain the request for use of different equipment like.(i)(1) Generator Set(ii) Audio SystemThe services of operators for these equipment will be provided by the Faculty for which the user will have to pay a token fee for the use of this equipment.(f) The auditorium will not be allowed for programmes like marriages, after parties, musical programmes-' like discotheques or for any other non- academic activities.
Charges for use of Auditorium
  • A token fee of Rs.500/- will be charged from an the Departments of Jamia including Faculty of Engg. and Technology at the time of booking. If the programme continues for more than ,one day, an additional amount ofRs.200/- per day (for JMI) will be charged. These are the charges for cleaning the auditorium before and after the programme, and the services of the operators of the equipment like generator set, audio visual aids etc. and the supervisor.
  • Rs. 3,000/- per day will be charged for outsiders.
  • There will not be any honorarium charges for Jamia. However, an amount of Rs. 500/- per function will be charged for the Auditorium staff engaged during holidays or after office hours in case of outside agencies. No honorarium will be paid to the Auditorium staff, if the function is organised during working hours.
  • Outside agencies shall have to deposit a cash of Rs. l,000/- as security deposit at the time of booking of Auditorium which will be refunded after getting clearance from the Dean's Office, Faculty of Engg. & Technology after 10 days of holding of function.
Terms and Conditions

Following term sand conditions will have to be strictly observed by all the users of the auditorium. The organisers in whose name the auditorium is booked, will be responsible to educate their audience to follow the terms and conditions:

  • Eatables or drinks, including chewing of betel leaf (paan) will not be allowed inside the auditorium.
  • Snacks/Lunch/Dinner will be allowed to be served in the lawn adjacent to the auditorium only with the prior intimation.
  • If any loss or damage is reported by the auditorium staff, recovery will be made from the security deposit as per estimate of the Building & Construction Department.
  • Entry of anti-social elements will not be allowed inside the auditorium.
  • The auditorium will be handed over to the organiser at least two hours prior to the scheduled programme and will be taken back immediately after the programme.
  • Students' association can get the auditorium booked through their co-ordinators or teachers-in-charge with the prior approval of the VC.
  • Booking of auditorium can be cancelled by the Dean, Faculty of Engg. & Tech., if it is, in any way, obstructs the normal activities of the University.
  • Arms or any other inflammable materials will not be allowed inside the building.
  • Smoking or use of liquor will be strictly prohibited