Dr. M. A. Ansari Auditorium And Safdar Hashmi Amphitheatre

Terms and Conditions for the M A Ansari Auditorium and Safdar Hashmi Amphitheatre

Following terms and conditions will have to be strictly observed by all the users of the Dr. M. A. Ansari Auditorium and Safdar Hashmi Amphitheatre. The organizer(s) in whose name(s) the Auditorium is booked will be responsible to educate their audience to follow the discipline and abide by the terms and conditions:


Office Memorandum regarding revised booking rates of M.A Ansari Auditorium/Safdar Hashmi Amphitheatre and front Lawn of M.A Ansari Auditorium-reg.


a. All the official programmes should have the approval of the competent authority (Head / Director / Registrar)

b. ** Staff Honorarium and charges for cleaning etc for holidays and after office hours. The amount shall have to be deposited in cash in advance at the time of booking.

  • The Security Deposit shall have to be deposited in cash at the time of booking of the Auditoriums, which will be refunded after 10 days of holding of the function.
  • The security money shall be used for
    • (a) The payment of charges for additional hours
    • (b) For any loss or damage reported by the Auditorium staff.
  • In case of cancellation of booking by the organizer(s) within a week of the event the booking amount deposited in the JMI account may not be refunded.
  • Eatables and drinks, including chewing of paan (betel leaf) will not be allowed inside the Auditorium.
  • Entry of antisocial elements will not be allowed inside the Auditorium. The Jamia has the right to deny admission to undesirable persons.
  • Booking of Auditorium can be cancelled, at any time if it in any way obstructs the normal activities of the University.
  • Arms or any other inflammable material are not allowed inside the Auditorium building.
  • Smoking or use of liquor is strictly prohibited.
  • Name of VIP guest, Number of Invitees and Timing of the programme shall have to be mentioned at the time of booking.
  • The timing of the booking will be counted from the handing over of the Auditorium by Jamia to organizer.
  • The Jamia reserves the right to deny booking to any external party without assigning any reason;
  • The right of admission to the auditoria complex is reserved. Mere booking of the auditoria does not entitle undesirable persons the right of entry.
  • You are requested not to publicise the venue of the programme, unless the auditorium has been formally booked and the requisite charges have been paid.
Download Proforma for booking the MA Ansari Auditorium Complex