India Arab Cultural Centre (IACC), the first ever of its kind in India aims to rejuvenate age old, time tested civilizational ties between India and the Arab world and to foster dialogue and collaboration between the two great civilisations on vital issues. The Centre has a core group of Arabists and experts on the Arab world and on Indo-Arab civilisational ties. The building of India Arab Cultural Centre "Imarat Ibn Khaldun”, named after the famous Arab intellectual and historian symbolizes Indo-Arab cultural synthesis.

This Centre with its multidisciplinary approach makes a unique attempt in Indian academics, where culture is being taught in innovative programme bringing together students with social science, humanities and visual arts. It will facilitate the critical study of collage-like ideas ranging from general ideas about human creativity, aesthetic expressions, to matters of peoples collectively and social organizations that collectively represent the culture studies.

The Centre is currently running two academic programmes:

The Centre has a multifaceted Cultural and Literary Exchange programmes with a number of cultural organizations and universities of the Arab world. The Centre translates work of famous Indian and Arab authors in Arabic and Indian languages and publishes them in collaboration with a number of Arab organisations and institutions. It also organizes book fairs to display its publications and rare collection of material on Arab history, polity, economy, society, culture and India Arab relations.