The Centre for Jawaharlal Nehru Studies was established in 2004 with the objective of conducting research and teaching on development issues. It runs a Ph.D. programme in Development Studies, which is a sought after course. The researchers work on topics related to contemporary development issues. It has conducted many national and international conferences since its inception. It has also undertaken a number of research projects. It brings out a prestigious peer reviewed bi-annual journal called History and Sociology of South Asia, which is published by SAGE. The Centre is committed to evolving into a nodal point for research on the processes that have led to major changes in the polity, economy, society and culture of contemporary India. It hopes to be instrumental in building an atmosphere of democratic and secular values, together with the spirit of scientific inquiry.


  • To impart instruction and conduct teaching and research leading to the award of degrees/certificates in Nehruvian studies.
  • To undertake and promote research and publication in the area of Nehruvian studies.
  • To conduct and arrange public awareness and mass education campaign to promote the ideas and ideals of Nehru.
  • To organize seminars, workshops, conferences, extension lectures and colloquiums.
  • To perform such other functions and to undertake such other activities which are essential or incidental to the achievement of its objectives.

By conducting researches in Development Studies the Centre has a vision to facilitate economic growth that does not compromise on the values of Democracy, Secularism and Socialism. The Researches conducted at the Centre would create awareness about the emerging changes in the socio-economic set up of the world and create a pool of data which would help policy-makers in ensuring a method of all-inclusive growth and development.

The Centre looks forward to help in the formulation and distribution of the idea that effective development needs political democracy, together with economic democracy, social democracy, intellectual independence and the accommodation of the needs and rights of various sections of the society. It strives to create a pool of experts of Development Studies who would be able to align with various enterprises to ensure the implementation of social justice and other such ethical standards. The publications of the research material generated by the Centre would be a like a guiding light for development programs initiated by all sectors. The Centre looks forward to create research models of self-generating pathways of sustainable development.