The Central Instrument Facility (CIF) has been created with a concept of providing characterization services to the researcher within and outside university. The facility was inaugurated on January 21, 2014. The CIF has a complement of sophisticated instruments including specialized research facility housing several sophisticated State of the art instruments. It has been created with an objective of providing a central facility of latest and Advanced Analytical Instruments for research in the application areas of physical, biological, allied and interdisciplinary sciences. It caters to the interdisciplinary applications in research to all those are deprived of such facilities including academic research institutes, private Companies/ Industries. The X-ray diffractometer includes thin-film and powder diffraction measurement. The Spectroscopic facilities include FTIR with ATR, UV-Vis. Imaging facility includes a multimode AFM. The CIF is under the chairmanship of Prof. Shafeeque Ahmed Ansari ( from Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Basic Sciences. A full time Technical officer/scientists is appointed with specific expertise, and student assistants available to aid with operation of the instrumentation. The facility is being operated through a constituted Technical Working Team (TWT) and dynamic faculties as instrument incharge. These pages will inform you about our instrumentation, charges for use of the instruments, and future plans of CIF.

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