Hall Of Fame

The Principal goal of education is to create men and women who are capable of doing new things not simply repeating what other generations have done.

This section proudly announces the achievements and distinctions of the students who bring glory to the school. The school feels privileged and honoured to have such deserving students who leave not stones unturned to take the school up to the pinnacle of success. We are proud to announce the following achievements of our students:

List of Position Holders Annual Exam (Home) 2012

S.No. Roll No. Name Class/Section M.O. % age Position
12N 134 Shane Haider Abedeen IX-A 661/700 94.4 I
12N 434 Sadia Atiya Ahmed IX-D 660/700 94.2 II
12N 307 Amin Ashraf IX-C 640/700 91.4 III
12ES 203 Anupama XI-Sc.-B 462/500 92.4 I
12ES 104 Danish Mahmood XI-Sc.-A 443/500 88.6 II
12ES 107 Farheen Jawed XI-Sc.-A 442/500 88.4 III
12EA 212 Chand Mahal Ruby XI-Arts-B 448/500 89.6 I
12EA 134 Muhammad Razi XI-Arts-A 443/500 88.6 II
12EA 220 Hafsa Begum XI-Arts-B 437/500 87.4 III
12EC 117 Noorul Quamar XI-Com-A 466/500 93.2 I
12EC 118 Omama Bano XI-Com-A 408/500 81.6 II
12EC 103 Farzan Khan XI-Com-A 372/500 74.4 III

Selections of JSS students (2011-12) in Professional Courses

S.No. Name Course/Institution/Amission Test Boarder/dayscholar/ special coaching
Nitin Kumar Meena A.I.E.E.E, R.P.M.T. boarder, Special coaching
Mohd. Taufeeq B.Tech, (I.P.) boarder, Special coaching
Bushra Parveen B.D.S, (JMI) day scholar, special coaching
Suleha Khan A.I.E.E.E. day scholar, special coaching
Mohd. Asif (2011) A.I.P.M.T. boarder
Mohd. Mofeez Alam (2011) I.S.R.O. border
Habib Mohamad Khan A.I.E.E.E, B.Tech, (JMI) boarder
Mohd. Irshadullah Garbi I.I.T, J.E.E, A.I.E.E.E, B.Tech. (JMI) boarder
Mohd. Waseem B.Tech,( JMI), 4th waiting boarder
Sarfaraz Ahmad B.Tech, (JMI) boarder
Mohd. Shamir M.B.B.S, (A.M.U.) boarder
Mohd. Gufran D.T.U. boarder
Asif Khan B.Tech, (JMI) boarder
Asif Iqbal M.B.B.S, (I.P.) boarder
Atif Khan (2011) I.I.T, J.E.E. day scholar
Yawar Ali (2011) B.Tech, (JMI), 2nd waiting day scholar
Shiba Nizam B.D.S, (JMI) day scholar
Mohd. Sameer Khan I.I.T, J.E.E, A.I.E.E.E day scholar
Talha Javed A.I.E.E.E, B.Tech, (JMI) day scholar
Mohd. Maroof B.Tech, (I.P.) day scholar
Farheen Ara B.Arch, (JMI) day scholar