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 Abgeena Shabir




 PhD in NanoTechnology

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 Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Jamia Millia Islamia

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 Prof. S. S. Islam


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Training/research fellow -

Apprentice Trainee for a period of one year(2015-16) at Essjay Ericsson Private Limited. 

Teaching Assistant- Innovative Technology and Bioscience" (ITBS) paper for 2020-2021 session at Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities, JMI


Currently teaching "Inntroduction to Nanotechnology". 

at Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities, JMI


Currently Teaching "Electronic Fabrication and Product Design",EFPD paper at  Department of Electronics and Communication, Meerabai Institute of Technology




PHD - PhD in Nanotechnology,    Coursework 88.25%

Master – M.Tech in Nanotechnology, Gold Medalist with CGPA-10

Bachelor - Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and communication,secured 3rd position with 82.3%



Ph.D. Project (Pursuing) –

My PhD work is based on the title “Fabrication of High Performance Anode Materials For Li-ion Batteries”. I am interested in synthesizing high specific capacity anode materials such that high energy demands are met and limitations of lithium (Li) storage capacity, large irreversible capacity loss, low charge/discharge rate capability and poor capacity retention upon the charge/discharge cycling of conventional anodes are overcome.The specific objectives of my work are summarized here:


1. Synthesis of high performance silicon/reduced graphene oxide(rGO)

nanocomposite based anode materials,using facile and scalable techniques for Li-ion Batteries.


2. Characterization techniques such as SEM,TEM, Raman Analysis, XRD,

AFM,TGA will be performed at every step of material synthesis and fabrication of

electrode to investigate and confirm about the various parameters such as surface

morphology, thickness of nanosheets, carbon and other functional group content,

interlayer spacing between the sheets and so on.


3.Electrochemical analysis such as cyclic voltammetry(CV),

chronopotentiometry(CP),electrochemical impedance spectroscopy(EIS) of batteries will also be performed using a potentiostat.


M.Tech Project - Six months dissertation on “To study the effect of Oxygen Plasma treatment on the photoresponse of rGO based Optical Sensors"

Six months dissertation on “To study the morphology and optical properties of porous Gallium Arsenide Structures.”




  1. Recent trends in silicon/graphene nanocomposite anodes for lithium-ion batteries
  2. Reversible synthesis of GO: Role of differential bond structure transformation in fine-tuning photodetector response



WORKSHOP - GIAN Workshop on “Diffractive Micro-Optics of IR and THz Ranges”held in Jamia Millia Islamia on 09-13 October,2017.





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 Research Methodology


 Characterization techniques


 Frontiers in Material Science


8.    AWARDS

 PMRF Fellowship award

Award of "Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE)" Fellowship.


 Jamia Award of Excellence 2021