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   Mr. S. C. Misra




   “…This course certainly shall go a long way to familiarize and update the students about

   the practical problems being faced and their remedy in present Power Sector Area.”


   Mr. John D. McDonald

   IEEE PES President Elect 2004-2005

   IEEE PES President 2006-2007


   “…I have seen the tremendous value in the SCADA Laboratory and the 

   Post-Graduate Program you have developed ... I wish I would have had the 

   opportunity to go to a university ... with both Bachelor and Masters' courses in power 

   system monitoring and control. What a tremendous benefit that would have been!"


   Dr. Ram Nath




   “…like to convey my appreciation for a well planned and good structured M.Tech

   programme in Electrical Energy Systems Management. I am sure this course shall equip

   the engineers with the latest tools and techniques to manage the emerging power system

   of tomorrow.”


   Prof. Parmod Kumar




   “…This is a very useful course for electrical engineering students in view of its

   importance in Industrial Section in general and Power section in particular...Presently no

   such M.Tech Course is being offered, even in the IITs…The course content is very

   good and electric course are apt.”


   Prof. D.P. Kothari

   Deputy Director, IIT, Delhi


   “…The course curriculum is good and extremely timely, and the Core and Elective

   courses are quite relevant to the Indian Power Scenario, especially in view of the

   ongoing huge expansion of power projects.”


   Dr. R. Balasubramanian

   Professor, IITD


   “…Electrical energy systems management is certainly a very vital stream in which a well-

   designed M.Tech programme will be invaluable to cater to the needs of any power

   sector organization. Infact, the need for such a programme is being emphasized I many

   forums of-late…In this module, the proposal to develop a SCADA/EMS laboratory

   and to impart intensive practical training in an industry as an integral part of the

   programme are some redeeming features.”


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