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M.Tech Programme in " Electrical Power Systems Management" (EPSM)


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  The Department of Electrical Engineering has started an M.Tech Programme in
   Electrical Power System Management from the academic year 2003-04. This
   M.Tech course is  particularly relevant for India as a country, in desperate need of
   increased electrical energy capacity, where the government has forecast a 150%
   increase in the electric generation needs by 2005.  With the deregulation of the
   Electricity Boards, there is going to be a tremendous demand for Electrical
   Engineers with specialized training in Electrical Energy Systems Management.  


   The curriculum for the course has been designed after consultation with eminent   

   Professors from IIT Delhi, IIT Madras and Delhi College of Engineering and with

   experts from the Industry.  Experts have reviewed the course and very encouraging

   comments have been received from Industry and Academia.  The Supervisory

   Control and Data Acquisition/Energy Management Systems (SCADA/EMS)

   laboratory set up with AICTE funding in the Department of Electrical Engineering

   will be an added advantage for the course. The students will get  hands on

   experience on SCADA systems, which are running industrial automation, power

   generation, transmission & distribution automation system. The Department also

   has facility for Power Quality assessment, Energy audit & Research, Control &

   Instrumentation, Robotics & Soft Computing. 


   The M.Tech program in Electrical Energy Systems Management set up has

   certain unique features and added advantages over the other conventional

   courses being pursued:

  1. The course structure embraces a complete SCADA/ EMS system, Distribution Automation, Re-structuring and De-regulation of power system, power quality etc. in addition to the conventional course.

  2. Hands on experience in the unique SCADA Lab setup provided (the first of its kind) in the Department.

  3. Excellent Academic Faculty experienced in power and energy management

  4.  Strong Industry academic co-operation attributable to the association of leading industries

  5. Nominal fee structure

  6. Better job opportunities owing to provision of market oriented training

   The M.Tech Programme is a four semester course under the Department of

   Electrical Engineering, the last semester especially earmarked for

   Research/Dissertation work. The course is constituted for full time candidates,

   both fresh graduates and in-service Engineers duly sponsored by their

   respective employers.


   The sponsored candidates  (full time) will complete the course in four semesters

   along with the Regular students.  The sponsored candidates can also complete the 

   course in six semesters as a  part time programme, for which their classes will be

   arranged along with the  full time students.




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