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Message of the Vice Chancellor regarding early vaccination against COVID-19 Admissions (2021-22)

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Message of Head


Welcome to the Department of Mechanical engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Our Department was established in 1985. Department is committed to provide quality education and training to its students so that they become technically sound and proficient in dealing real world challenges successfully.
With excellent teaching and learning environment, the Department always makes sincere efforts to maintain high academic standards. The Department has a team of highly qualified, experienced, sincere and dedicated teaching faculty members who nurture and mould the students’ career. The Faculty members are highly active in research and consultancy work and with their enormous high quality research publications they have made their presence felt globally.
The undergraduate curriculum of the Department is designed in such a way that apart from core Mechanical Engineering subjects it also includes a foundation of mathematics, physics, chemistry, environment, humanities, and electrical engineering. The Department also offers several technical electives to allow the students to specialize somewhat or to pursue broader understanding. Skills for conducting experimental investigations are provided through several state-of-the art laboratories.
Department has active and vibrant professional society activities where the students get a world class platform for organizing, participating and developing engineering ideas. This helps them in developing a holistic personality.
The Department has focus for the future developments and it offers the aspirant engineer the opportunity to study in a pleasant environment. Through the modern structure of the Department, a special and unique opportunity is provided to the students to prepare themselves for the demands of their future work environment.