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Specific concerns about fostering

- Who are the foster children? Children in the age group 0-6 years shall not ordinarily be considered for placement in long term Foster care as such small children should be preferably provided a permanent family through adoption legally through the process with the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA).

Children in the age group of 6-18 years who have been staying in child care institutions; shall be placed in foster care based on their individual care plan developed in the institution; Children whose parents are mentally ill and are unable to take care of the child; whose parents (one or both) are in jail; who are victims of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, natural disasters and domestic violence

- If I bond with the child, what will I do if the child returns to their family or goes adoption? It is human nature for a child and family to get attached. This situation is much better than the experience where a child does not get the opportunity to live with a family. The answer to this question is simple. There are always successes and challenges when caring for children. We believe that learning to attach to and feeling the love of a family is always the best alternative.

- How do we manage interactions with the child’s biological family? This is not your prime responsibility. The DCPU will facilitate the meetings at their office since the biological family would not know where you live or cannot visit you anytime.

- How long is the child with us? Foster Care is temporary in definition. The goal for the child while with you for reintegration safely with their biological family or adoption. The child can be with you till they attain 18 years of age and the CWC will issue a fit person’s permission to you normally for 6 month to 3 year periods that is renewable.

- Can I adopt the child I have fostered? Where the child has remained with a foster family for a period of five years other than pre-adoption foster care, the foster family may apply for adoption of the child. Such foster parents will have to register on a separate page created on Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System (Caring) under the Adoption Regulations, 2016.

- What will happen to the child after 18 years? After child turns 18 they are a major and can make decision along with you what next. The Government has after care provision that can be availed.