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Message of the Vice Chancellor regarding early vaccination against COVID-19 Admissions (2021-22)

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What responsibilities do we have to fulfil as foster parents?

The Foster parents should:

  • provide adequate food, clothing, shelter and education
  • provide care, support and treatment for child’s overall physical, emotional and mental health;
  • provide vocational training according to the age, developmental needs and interests of the child;
  • support higher education requirements;
  • ensure protection from exploitation, maltreatment, harm, neglect and abuse and that child’s whereabouts are known always;
  • respect the privacy of the child and his biological family or guardian, and acknowledge that any information provided about them is confidential and is not to be disclosed to another party without prior consent;
  • provide treatment in emergency situations and inform the Committee and biological family about the same which may pass appropriate orders wherever necessary;
  • share and discuss information pertaining to the progress of the child in adjusting to the home and school; periodically with the Committee and biological family of the child and produce the child before the Committee as and when directed by the Committee;
  • support contact between the child and DCPU staff during home visits;
  • support contact between the child and his biological family in consultation with the Child Welfare Committee keeping in view the best interest of the child