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Conference Paper Presentation


Media Diversity: Concept, Analysis, Policy
An International Conference organised by
Centre for Culture, Media & Governance
Jamia Millia Islamia
Institute of Media Studies & Brussels Centre for Journalism Studies
KU Leuven
25th Nov 2014 - DAY 1 
Panel 1: Media Diversity & Democracy
·   Dr. Jeremy Shtern
Networks of Exclusion: The Mediation of Cultural Diversity in Canada’s Broadcasting System
·   Prof. Leen D’Haenens
Why Democracy Needs Media Monitoring: Conceptualizing the Media for Democracy Monitor 
·   Prof. Biswajit Das
Interrogating Democracy and Engaging with Media Diversity
Panel 2A– Regional Media
· Dr. Ratnakar Tripathi
Diversity in language markets: A comparative study of music industries in Bihar and Haryana
· Dr. Pranta Pratik Patnaik
From Visual Exclusion to Visible Inclusion : The Seduction of Media Diversity in Odisha Television
· Dr. Shruti Singh
Content Diversity in Print Media: A study of ‘Prabhat Khabar'
· K. Nagarajuna
Representation & Participation of Dalits in Telegu News channels
Panel 2B- Ownership & Diversity
·   Prof. Padmaja Shaw
New Modes of Ownership = More Content Diversity?
·   Nelsonmandela
Local Cable Channels in Tamil Nadu: Prospects and Issues
·   Anushi Agarwal
Barriers to Diversity in Community Radio
·   Smarika Kumar
The Legal Understanding of Diversity in India: Comparing Jurisprudence on Newspapers & Television
Panel 3: Practitioners’ Roundtable: Experiencing Multiple Axis of Media Diversity 
26th Nov 2014- DAY 2
Panel 4: Measuring Media Diversity
·   Dr. Ada Fehr
Operationalization and Measurement of Regional Diversity in German Public Service Broadcasting
·   Dr. Julie Reid & Dr. Vanessa Malila
The importance of context: toward a media diversity measurement model for South Africa
·   Prof. Peggy Valcke
Measuring Media Pluralism in Europe: Combining Legal Economic and Socio-Demographic Indicators with Risk Assessment Methods
·   Vibodh Parthasarathi
Towards a Media Diversity Index for India 
Panel 5A – Users & Digital Diversity
·   Dr. N. Thilaka
Identifying the Dynamics of User Comments on affecting the Perception of Journalists and Readers
·   Dr. Rachna Sharma
Online News Media and the ‘Myth’ of Diversity: An Indian Chapter
·   Rashi Mishra
Social Media & Diversity: Study of Facebook Users
Panel 5B – Pluralism in News Content
·   Dr. Athikho Kaisii
Pluralism & Political News  on National TV Channels
·   Dr. Rajesh Das & Debharti Dhar
Analysis of Diversity in Bengali Television Programmes: A Selected Case Study
·   Somak Sen
Media diversity in India: A Comparative Study between NDTV India and Zee News
Panel 6 – Looking Ahead
·   Jo-Ann Dong­
Examining Online Media’s Contribution to Expand Diversity in Malaysia
·   Dr. Vipul Mudgal
Im4change: Sowing Hope through Intervention
·   Emilia Zboralska
An Evaluation of Canada’s Policy of Diversity Reporting in the Audiovisual Industry