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National symposium on recent trends in “Healthy Ageing”

National symposium on recent trends in “Healthy Ageing”

Ageing is the normal physiological process of life. Physical changes that come over with time cannot be prevented but one can certainly reduce the health risk associated with ageing by making conscious and healthy choices. The population of 60 plus has crossed 80 million mark and the interest of planners politicians and geriatric caregivers has also picked momentum. Even Indian data is available these days because of the amount of work and the shift of government policies towards geriatric, age will make its presence felt suddenly in 20 years from now. 

Healthy ageing is the development and maintenance of optimal mental, social and physical well-being and function in adults. This will most likely be achieved when communities are safe, promote health and well-being. Use of health services and community programmes can also prevent or minimize diseases. Individuals can act and start taking care of themselves now. Changes with ageing are more or less similar for everyone. But their development may vary and will not necessarily develop at a particular age for everyone. Everyone will have their own pattern of ageing and it is generally linked your genetic makeup and the lifestyle that one has followed 

The medical advancement has ensured an increase in the average life span but that also has to related with living well to ensure quality of life. Actions that should be taken to ensure the same basically include working around establishing an infrastructure and support for healthy ageing initiatives, physical activity, healthy eating, emotional health and wellbeing, substance misuse, sexual health, smoking, health protection and safety promotion and raising awareness of general health issues. 

Centre for Physiotherapy and rehabilitation sciences, Jamia Millia Islamia endeavors to work in the direction of geriatric care as outlined in its objectives. In order to address the above said issue in larger interest of health professionals is organizing a National symposium on Healthy Ageing on 31 March, 2010at JMI. 


MARCH 31, 2010-03-18 (9 AM – 5.30 PM) 

9.00am-9.30 am Registration 
9.30am-9.35 am Tilawate Quran 
9.35 am-9.45 am Welcome and introduction of seminar Prof Ejaz Hussain, Director , CPRS, JMI, N Delhi 

9.45am –9.50am Remarks Mr. Najeeb Jung, IAS, Honorable Vice chancellor JMI, NDelhi 
9.50am -9.55am Remarks Prof S M Sajid , Advisor Centre for higher learning, Registrar, JMI, NDelhi 
9.50am-10.10 am Inaugural lecture Prof A B Dey Professor, Department of Medicine & Chief of Geriatric Services, AIIMS, New Delhi 
10.10am-10.15 am Vote of thanks Dr Jamal Ali Moiz, Asst professor, CPRS, JMI, NDelhi 
10.15am-11.00 am Tea break 

Session 1- Understanding healthy ageing- 
Chairperson-Prof Najma Baquar, 
UGC professor Emeritus, school of life sciences, JMI, NDelhi 

11.00am-11.20 am Physiology of Ageing- Dr M. Nihal, P G dept of Zoology, Mithila university, Darbangha, Bihar 

11.20am11.40 am Psychologists perspective of Healthy Ageing Dr Naved Iqbal, Associate prof, Dept of psychology, JMI , N Delhi 

11.40am-12.00 pm Women & Ageing : A social Concern Dr Sabiha Hussain, Associate professor,Crntre for dalit and minority studies, JMI, NDelhi 
12.00pm-12.20 pm Nutrition and Healthy Ageing Dr Seema puri, Associate professor, Institute of home economics, Delhi University , NDelhi 

12.20pm-12.40 pm Discussion 
1.00pm-2.00 pm- Lunch break 

Session 2-Medical aspects of healthy ageing 
Chairperson- Prof M. Fahim, 
UGC professor Emeritus, CPRS, JMI, NDelhi 
2 .00pm-2.20 pm Overview of medical aspects of Healthy Ageing Prof Vinod Kumar, Professor of Medicine & Chief of Geriatric Services( Retd), AIIMS, New Delhi 
2.20pm-2.40 pm Healthy ageing –A Psychiatrist’s view Dr Nitin Shukla , Consultant Psychiatrist, VIMHANS 
New Delhi 
2.40pm-3.00 pm Concept of Healthy Ageing in Unani Medicine Dr Khalid Siddiqui, Asst Director, CCRUM, AYUSH, NDelhi 

3.00pm-3.15 pm Discussion 
3.15pm-3.30 pm Tea break 

Session 3-Physiotherapy aspects of healthy ageing 
Chairperson-Prof Vinod Kumar 
Professor of Medicine & Chief of Geriatric Services( Retd), AIIMS, New Delhi 
3.30pm-3.50 pm Healthy ageing –A physiotherapist’s perspective Dr Kanchan Mittal (PT), Superintendent physiotherapist, Dept of orthopaedics, AIIMS, NDelhi 

3.50pm-4.10 pm Osteoporosis and its management Dr Zubia Veqar (PT) Asst professor, CPRS, JMI, NDelhi 

4.10pm-4.30 pm Strategies of fall prevention Dr Majumi Md Noohu (PT) Asst professor, CPRS, JMI, NDelhi 

4.30pm- 4.30pm Discussion 
4.45pm-5.00 pm 
Summarization of the symposium and Vote of thanks Dr Saurabh Sharma (PT) Asst professor, CPRS, JMI, NDelhi