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Major Areas
Major Areas:
Teacher training programme
Material production
Motivation programme
Guidance and information
Other Courses
Teacher training programme (Short term courses):-
Orientation Course for Urdu medium teachers for Science subjects (PST : primary    school teachers)  
Orientation Course for Urdu medium teachers for Science subjects (TGT & PGT: Secondary and Higher secondary)
Orientation Course for Urdu medium teachers for Social Science subjects (PST: Primary school teachers )
Orientation Course for Urdu medium teachers for Social Science subjects (TGT & PGT: Secondary and Higher secondary)
Orientation Course for Urdu medium teachers of Madrasas
Orientation Course for Urdu language teachers of PST &  Madarsa
Orientation Course for Urdu language teachers of TGT & PGT: (Secondary & Higher Secondary)
Orientation Course for Urdu teachers focused on Science, Social Science and other  subjects
Orientation Course for Principal/Headmaster/Sadar Madarris/Managers
(I)      Orientation Course for Urdu medium teachers for Science , Social Science and other subjects         
Duration :
- 10 days
Objectives :
- improvement of written and oral communication skill
- explanation of text in easy, interesting and effective way
- provide more and more information & introducing new researches and inventions related to subject
- introduction of new methods of testing and evaluation of  text
- solution of teaching problems raised by the teachers
Course Content:
-  introduction of communication, importance of communication and methods of its improvement
- development of Urdu composition
- basic Urdu terminology related to subjects
- teaching of subjects according to syllabus
- art of translation
- references of the subjects
- methods of testing and evaluation   
(II)      Orientation Course for Urdu language teachers :
Duration         :
- 10 days
Objectives      :
- revision of course
- introduction of new teaching methods
- preparation of lesson plans
- explanation and analysis in better way
- implementation of new testing and evaluation methods
- solution of teaching problems raised by the teachers
Course Content:
- teaching of Urdu script
- teaching of Urdu pronunciation
- development of written communication skills
- development of reading skills
- teaching of Urdu vocabulary
- teaching of guided and graded composition
- teaching of basic Urdu grammar
- teaching of text
- lesson plan
- methods of testing  and evaluation
- language games
- problem based teaching
(III)      Orientation Course for Urdu Language Teachers focused on Science, Social Science  and other subjects :
Duration         :
- 10 days
Objectives      :
- describe  the importance of other subjects for language teachers
- introduction of other subjects such as physics, chemistry, maths, history,  geography, political science etc
- increase I.Q. of Urdu teachers to have openness of heart and mind
- explanation and analysis of the text in better way with help of  science & social sciences and other subjects
Course Content:
- introduction of important events of Indian and world history
- import problems related to Indian & world economy
- fundamental features of political science
- major geographical aspects related to India and world
- important researches and inventions in the field of science and   modern technology
(IV)      Orientation Course for Principals/Headmaster/Sadar Madarris/Managers
Duration         :
3 days
Objectives     :
To motivate for
-  thinking about the Professional Developments of Urdu Teachers/Urdu   medium  teachers
-  arranging motivation programme
-  conducting evaluation & consultancy programme
-  establishing book corner
-  Introducing new teaching methods
-  providing teaching aids, materials etc. to the Urdu teachers/Urdu   medium teachers   
- deputing teachers to  attend the orientation & other course conducting by the Centre for Professional Development of
   Urdu Teachers, Jamia Millia Islamia.
-  observing  the teaching & learning activities of  teachers & students  in their  schools
- applying new testing & evaluation methods                             
Content          :
i)       administration
ii)             guidance & supervision
iii)           consultancy & evaluations
iv)           motivation programmes
v)            new teaching methods
vi)           testing and evaluation
vii)         solution of problems
(2)     Material production:
 Preparation and revision of syllabi as per requirements of   concerned states.
 Preparation of text books, reference books, help books and hand books, Urdu style    manuals, collection of rhymes, collection of poetry, collection of short stories at different levels features drama and stories based on sciences and social sciences etc.  and collection of other literary prose pieces.
- Samples of lesson plan
- samples of testing and evaluation
- samples of language games at different levels
- dictionary of socio-cultural items
- dictionary of quawafi (urdu rhythmic words)
- dictionary of synonyms
- dictionary of terminologies based on subjects taught in schools
- concise Urdu-Hindi dictionary
- concise Hindi-Urdu dictionary
- concise English-Urdu dictionary
- consice Urdu –English dictionary
 from Hindi, English to Urdu – text books, papers, essays useful and interesting stories, rhymes, poems, and other reading materials
 from Urdu to Hindi and English - text books, papers, essays useful and interesting stories, rhymes, poems, and other reading materials
 Educational Magazine (Tadrees Naama) – quarterly
Contents of magazine:
- Editorial based on teaching problems, and researches in the field of teaching specially in Urdu and Urdu medium  subjects 
- Articles based on  teaching methods, analysis of the text,  testing and evaluation, lesson plan, questions and answers, educational
   and literary terms, Urdu translations of other subjects such as humanities, social sciences and sciences etc
- Moral oriented features, stories, drama, poems etc keeping in  view the levels of students
- Corner of students for their creative activities, questions, queries etc.
- Letters received from teachers, students and other readers
(3)     Motivation programme:  
Objectives  :
highlight the scope of Urdu language
create interest in Urdu language in students as well as teachers
identify the job opportunities
interaction with successful personalities in the field of Urdu such as writers, poets,    dialogue writers, singers programme executives, producers, lyricists, actors, actresses, anchors, comparers, announcers, performers and high officials such as IAS, IPS and allied service officers who competed with the help of Urdu
introduce the Urdu culture
create interest towards recitation of poetry and story writing
create interest in Urdu translation from English, Hindi and other languages
Content :        
literary, cultural and educational programmes
extension/special lectures
workshops and seminars
national integration camps
establishment of book corners
exhibitions (cultural, literary etc)
talent search pogrammes(debate, essay competitions , translation  competition , story   writing,   poetry recitation, speech competition)
awards, cash awards
(4)     Guidance and Information:
provide information to Urdu teachers, Urdu medium other subject   teachers, students and Urdu lovers regarding all the aspects of Urdu teaching such as script, vocabulary, all skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), Urdu composition, Urdu grammar, teaching methods, analysis of poetry and prose lessons, lesson plan, terminologies, translation& etc. 
provide solutions of queries and questions related to teaching
problems of Urdu language and literature and science & social science
assist and guide about the Urdu institutions, libraries, etc.
(5)     Other Courses:
Urdu translation course
Duration          - six months
Urdu Pronunciations course for media persons
Duration          - four weeks
Guidance / Preparation course for competitive examination for Civil services
Duration          - six weeks
Guidance / Preparation course for competitive examination of BUMS
Duration          - six weeks
Online Urdu course    
Duration          -
Noting and Drafting course in Urdu                
Duration          - six weeks