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Anjuman (Court)

1. Anjuman (Court) shall consist of the following persons, namely:-
Ex-Officio Members:

  • Amir-i-Jamia (Chancellor).
  • Shaikh-ul-Jamia (Vice-Chancellor).
  • Naib Shaikh-ul-Jamia (Pro-Vice-Chancellor).
  • All Deans of Faculties.
  • Dean of Students’ Welfare.
  • Musajjil (Registrar).
  • Finance Officer.
  • Librarian
  • Ten Heads of Departments by rotation according to seniority.
  • Two Heads of other Institution.

Life Members:

  • Persons, who signed the pledge of 20 years of service to the Jamia.

Representatives of Teachers:

  • Two Professors who are not Heads of Departments of Studies, by the rotation according to seniority.
  • Two Readers by rotation according to seniority to be appointed by the Shaikh-ul-Jamia (Vice-Chancellor).
  • Two Lecturers by rotation according to seniority, to be appointed by the Shaikh-ul-Jamia (Vice-Chancellor).

Representative of Non-teaching Staff:

  • Three representative of non-teaching staff according to seniority by rotation.

Nominated Members:

  • Eight persons to be nominated by the Visitor and two persons to be nominated by the Amir-i-Jamia (Chancellor).

Co-opted Members:

  • Six person representing learned professions and special interests including representatives of industry, commerce, trade unions, banking and agriculture to be co-opted by the Anjuman (Court).

Representatives of Legislature:

  • Three members of Parliament, two to be nominated by the Speaker of the Lok Sabha and one by the chairman of the Rajya Sabha.
  • One representative of Delhi Administration to be nominated by the Union Territory Administration.
  • The Chairman of the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi.

2. All members of the Anjuman (Court) other than ex-officio members, shall hold office for a term of three years. "Provided that a Member of Parliament nominated to the Court under Clause 1.(xviii) shall cease to be a member of the Anjuman (Court) on his/her becoming a Minister or Speaker/Deputy Speaker (Lok Sabha) or Deputy Chairperson (Rajya Sabha)".
3. An ex-officio members shall cease to be member of the Anjuman (Court) as soon as he vacates the office by virtue of which he is such a member.

4. Anjuman (Court) members