Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

Strive to foster the goals of building a secular and modern system of integrated education for sustainable development of society and better future for all

Mission Statement

To become a world class institution, to disseminate and advance knowledge by providing instructional,research and extension excellence while promoting the philosophy of nationalism, pluralism and use of education to serve the nation in dealing with new and emerging challenges. The following objectives have been set to achieve the mission and accomplish the vision.


  • To be a teaching and research-intensive university driven by a spirit of innovation.
  • To encourage multidisciplinary learning and research in cutting edge and niche areas.
  • To provide access to education for empowering the underprivileged and socially disadvantaged sections of society.
  • To impart quality education for human resource development and nation-building.
  • To develop Extra-mural studies, extension services, and other measures for the promotion of life-long learning.
  • To take measures towards sustainable development of society and environmental care.