1. This course was introduced on the eve of the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Jamia Millia Islamia in 1970.
2. The purpose of this course is to teach Urdu language through the medium of Hindi and English languages.
3. No tuition fee is charged for the course.
4. It is necessary for the learner to know either Hindi or English.



The admission form and syllabus can be had by sending a self addressed 24 x 12 cm envelope with a postal stamp of Rs. 10/-.


Admission is open throughout the year.


Application for admission is accepted only when the proper form is duly filled in alongwith a postal order or a bank draft of Rs. 100/- for learning Urdu through Hindi or English medium. Those applying from outside India should send bank draft worth U.S. $ 20/- for SAARC countries and others US $ 50/- for any medium in favour of JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA, payable at NEW DELHI.


The student is required to affix a passport size copy of his/her recent photograph on the admission form.


Those admitted to the course shall be treated as students of the Urdu Correspondence Course.


The students shall get books free of charge.


The students are required to quote their admission number and address legibly in every letter.


The course is divided into three stages. Each stage normally takes three to four months to be completed. Thus, the duration of this course is one year. But the student is free to finish earlier or later according to his/her convenience, but not later than two years.


The name of a student may be removed from the Students Register in case his/her progress is unsatisfactory. The renewal of admission will be treated as fresh admission.


In case a student loses his/her book, he/she should send postage stamp worth Rs. 30/- to cover the cost of registration. After receipt of the postage stamps, the required book will be sent by registered post.