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Focus on Munshi Premchand

Munshi Premchand the novelist and short story writer was the most popular Urdu / Hindi writer, secular icon and an intellectual who used literature as a potent tool for social reform. He introduced a new dimension to Hindi language by bringing in real life experience of the marginalized and the down trodden. His realistic approach set a trend for future writers. Premchand has been extensively studied, researched and translated. The Jamia's Premchand Archives & Literary Centre is engaged in:

  • collecting all published works of Premchand written in Urdu and Hindi.
  • collecting all publications on him including translations of his works in different languages of India and of the world.
  • collecting original or true copies of his published and un-published letters to different people and different institutions.
  • collecting photographs, certificates, diaries, personal belongings, and every thing else that would facilitate understanding and study of the writer.
  • Index all dissertations on Premchand at M. Phil or Ph.D. level in different universities.
  • indexing and collect all papers published on Munshi Premchand and his writings in different journals and newspapers.
  • collecting all Special Issues of different magazine / journal dedicated to Munshi Premchand.
  • listing all seminars and conferences that have been organized on Premchand.
  • collecting all audio-video material on Premchand's work, e.g. films, theatrical adaptations, audios / narrations of Premchand's stories.
  • building oral Archives on Premchand with interviews of leading scholars who have extensively researched and studied him, of lectures in his memory and all deliberations during different symposias.
  • collecting all illustrations of his stories.
  • Organising programmes to represent Premchand's stories and characters in different contemporary medium of art for better understanding of his text.
  • encouraging translation of Premchand's stories and novels in different Indian and foreign languages.
  • supporting future research on Premchand with the available archival resource.