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Nobel Laureate Lecture Series on Creating A World of Three Zeros: Time is Now! Online Fee Payment (Distance Programs)


The UGC-HRDC Jamia makes every effort to provide the participants with the best facilities such as Lecture Halls, Library and Internet accessibility, besides reasonable accommodation and of course healthy food.
Its four Lecture Halls - Green Hall, Red Hall, Yellow Hall and White Annexe (Click for Photo Gallery) equipped with LCD Projectors, Smart Boards and Over Head Projectors, help the UGC-HRDC in simultaneously organising four programmes and also ensure accessibility to knowledge from external world through its Video Conferencing System.
The Luncheon Hall (click for photo gallery) of the UGC-HRDC is a cosy corner for serving lunch to the participants. The Luncheon Hall opens into Khayaban-E-Faiz (click for photo gallery) where participants can enjoy under the sky on the stone benches in its lawns.
The White Hall on the First floor of the UGC-HRDC is a well equipped computer lab with 24x7 internet connectivity.
The UGC-HRDC library (click for photo gallery) located on the first floor has a collection of over 5000 books in various disciplines that cater to the immediate needs of the participants.
Furthermore, for deeper insights into the respective subjects of the participants, they are provided with temporary membership cards of the Dr. Zakir Hussain Library (the Central Library of the University).
The periodical unit of the UGC-HRDC Library is an adequate source of enrichment of knowledge for the participants.
UGC-HRDC Guest House
The UGC-HRDC provides accommodation for the outstation participants in its Guest House (click for photo gallery) located at the SRK building complex.
Its two-seater rooms are furnished with ACs, Hi Speed Wi-Fi internet connection, separate closets and study tables / chairs.
For the recreation of the resident participants common rooms both in the male and female wings are available with LCD T.V. facility, sofa sets and cushion chairs.
Arrangement for breakfast and dinner is available in the guest house vicinity while lunch is served at the Luncheon Hall of the UGC-HRDC.
The Guest House is provided with hot water facility as well as cold drinking water.
The photographs displayed at the doors of the Guest House rooms provide a glimpse of India’s literary and philosophical saga.
The paintings on the walls of the Guest House are a reflection on the brute socio-political realities.   
Two attendants are deputed to look after the day to day needs of the participants.
Guest House Discipline:
1.    No LIQUOR / SMOKING is allowed in the Guest House premises. Violation will lead to cancellation of Registration.
2.    Breakfast (between 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.) and Dinner (between 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.) will be served in the Dining Hall of the Guest House.
3.    Tea (between session breaks) and lunch will be served at the Luncheon Hall of the UGC-HRDC.
4.    Bed tea will be served on request and on personal payment basis.
5.    Laundry facilities are available on personal payment basis.
6.    Personal belongings be safely kept in the closet. The UGC-HRDC Guest House is not liable for any theft.
7.    Dustbins should be used for the waste and the spirit of Swachh Bharat be always upheld.
8.    All resident participants have to be present in the Guest House by 10:30 p.m. and required to sign attendance register by 10:45 p.m.
9.    Prior permission in writing by the Guest House In-charge is mandatory to avail station leave/ night stay during weekends.
10.    Hanging cloths in the balconies is strictly prohibited.
11.    Relieving letter will be issued by the Hostel Attendant only after all clearances.
General Guidelines for Participants
•    No provision of leave or absence during the course duration.
•    Every day the session begins at 9.30 A.M. 
•    Four sessions a day (one session of one and half hours’ duration).
•    Tea break at 11.00 A.M. (for 15 minutes)
•    Next break at 12.45 P.M.
•    Lunch break at 02.15 P.M.
•    Fourth session from 03.00 P.M. to 04.30 P.M.
•    Completion of following assignments are mandatory:
1.    Book Review
2.    Research Proposal
3.    Submission of Seminar Term Paper Presentation
•    Multiple choice objective test, largely based on lectures deliver during the course, is conducted in the last week of the course.
•    Grade of Participants in the course work would be determined on the basis of following components totaling 100 marks
1.    Multiple-choice Objective Test                             30 Marks
2.    Submission of Seminar Paper & Presentation    15 Marks
3.    Submission of Research Proposal                      20 Marks
4.    Submission of Book Review                               10 Marks
5.    Overall assessment:                                           25 Marks
(Punctuality, Regularity, Initiative, Conduct, Responsiveness, etc.)
•    Grades would be awarded to every participant on their successful completion of above mention task.
•    The Grade mentioned in the certificate of participation will carry the following weightage.
A     (75% and above)
B    (60% to less than 75%)
C    (50% to less than 60%)
D    (Below 50%)
Those participants who get Grade D are required to repeat the programme after a gap of one year without financial commitment to the UGC-HRDC.
Participants found indulging in unlawful activities will be deregistered and their respective Principal / VC will be informed about their conduct with a copy marked to the UGC.