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Sponsored Research Projects

The Department has undertaken many sponsored research projects in the recent past. Major research projects presently being executed by the department include

  1. FIST program, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, Rs. 78 lacs
  2. Special Assistance Program, UGC, 43 lacs, Prof. Khalid Moin and Dr. R A Khan
  3. Research Promotion Scheme (RPS), AICTE, 14 lacs, Prof. Khalid Moin and Dr. R A Khan
  4. MODROB program, Modernization of Geology Laboratory, AICTE, Rs. 15 lacs
  5. MODROB program, Modernization of Structures Laboratory, AICTE, Rs. 10 lacs
  6. MODROB program, Modernization of Soil Mechanics Laboratory, AICTE, Rs. 20 lacs
  7. Sustainable Water Resources Management of Ganga, Brahmputra Basin, AICTE, Rs. 14 lacs, Quamrul Hasan
  8. Pilot Plant Design, Operational Supervision and Performance Evaluation of Sub Surface Root Zone Treatment System for Secondary Treatment of Effluent From Steel Industry, SAIL, Rs. 8 lacs, Sirajuddin Ahmad
  9. Feasibility Study for Zero Discharge and Zero Solid Waste Disposal of Five Star Hotels in Delhi, Ministry of Environment, Govt of Delhi, Rs. 9.8 lacs, Sirajuddin Ahmad,
  10. Fusion of Satellite Data for Urban Features Extraction, AICTE, Rs. 9.5 lacs, Shamshad Ahmad and S M Mudassir