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Achin Vanaik, US perspectives in a Global and South Asian Context (Before & After 11 September 2001), 2002

Mushirul Hasan, Enduring Encounters: Halid’e Edib’s Image of India and Turkey, 2002

Mohammad Azhar, Aspects of Economic Cooperation between India and the Gulf Cooperation Council States, 2002

Mushirul Hasan, Partition Narratives, 2002

Mohamad Sohrab, Kurdish Struggle for Self-Determination in Turkey, 2002

K.S. Subramanian, Socio-Political Violence and the Crisis of Governance in South Asia : A Contemporary Analysis, 2003

Mushirul Hasan, Muslims in Secular India : Problems and Perspectives in Education, 2003

Mushirul Hasan, India and Pakistan : Why the difference?2003

Javed Ahmed Khan, India’s  Search for Natural Gas in the Persian Gulf, 2004

Mujeeb Alam, Turkey’s Role in Central Asia and the Caucasus, 2005.

Sanjoy Hazarika, Contested Space and Identity in Indian North East, 2008.

NATO’s New Role : Kosovo, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Beyond Dr. Fatma Shahnaz



Shri  Prakash, Causes of Conflicts in the Third World during the Post-Cold War Phase, 1993

 Shri  Prakash, Economic Dimensions of the Sino-Indian Relationship, 1993

Shri  Prakash, Studies in the Political Economy of Contemporary India and China, Part-I, 1993

Shri  Prakash, Studies in the Political Economy of Contemporary India and China, Part-II, 1993

Vanita Ray, Francophone West Africa : Emerging Patterns of Democracy, 1994

Abhay Srivastava, Religion in Post-Mao China, 1994

Subodh Narayan Malakar, Emerging Pardigms of Social Conflict and Challenges to the States in the Horn of Africa : A Cenceptual Analysis, 1994

Safia Mehdi, Effect of Road Transport on Environment with Special Reference  to India, 1994

Sabiha Alam, Nuclear Technology in the Third World : Problems and Prospects, 1994

S.N. Asad Rizvi, Analysis of Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Trade, 1994

Shri  Prakash, The Impact of Japanese Investments, Aid and Trade in China and India during the 1980s,1995

Subodh Narayan Malakar, Land Reforms in Post Independent Namibia : Problems and Perspective, 1995

S.N. Asad Rizvi, UAE: A Composite Analysis, 1995.

S.N. Asad Rizvi, Scope for Cooperation in Oil Exploration between the Northern Territory by Australia and the GCC, 1995.

Shri Prakash, India-China Relations : A Comparative view of the 1950s and early 1990s, 1996

Vanita Ray, Landlocked Countries : Constraints to Development in the Sahelian Region, 1996.

Abhay Srivastava, Emerging Politico=Religious Trends in North Africa and Egypt, 1996.

Safia Mehdi, Transport Policy : A Study of India and China, 1996

Samjay Ambatkar, India-Southeast Asia: Economic Partnership 1985-1994, 1996

Vanita Ray, Human Rights in the Third World : A Conceptual Analysis, 1999

Vanita Ray, The State of Human Rights in India and the Role of Human Rights Groups, 1999

Shri Prakash, Trade and Investment Opportunities in the Countries of India Ocean Region, 1999

Shri Prakash,Politico-Economic Ramifications of Nuclear Deterrence in South Asia, 1999

Sabiha Alam, Marine Technology Transfer in Developing Countries : A Case Study of India, 1999

Mushirul Hasan, India’s Partition Revisited, 2000

Mushirul Hasan, Majorities and Minorities in Modern South Asian Islam : A Historian’s Perspective, 2000

G.M. Shah, Demographic Indigenisation in Kazakhstan: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis, 2000

G.M. Shah, A case for Re-federalisation of Polity : Autonomy for Jammu and Kashmir State, 2000

G.M. Shah, Militancy in Jammu and Kashmir : A Study of Actors, Objectives and Strategies, 2000

G.M. Shah, India’s Economic Interests in Central Asia in the Post-Soviet Era, 2000

G.M. Shah, The Spatial Identity Formation : A Conceptual Analysis, 2000

Safia Mehdi, Infrastructure Development and Cooperation between SAARC nations, 2000

Sabiha Alam, Mass Media and Environment : A South Asian Perspective, 2000

Sabiha Alam, India and Environment : A Critical Study, 2000

Shri Prakash, The Kashmir Issue Today and during the Formative years of the Indian State System, 2000

G.M. Shah, Peace Process, Political Forces and Popular Aspirations in Jammu & Kashmir : A Regional Analysis, 2000

G.M. Shah, The Regional Dimension of Political Crisis in Jammu Kashmir State, 2001

Achin Vanaik, The New Indian Right, 2001

Sunanda Sen, Pluralisation, State and Society in India, 2001

Sunnada Sen, The Analytics of Financial Fragility and Real Stagnation, 2001

Mohamad Azhar, Aspects of Economic Cooperation between India and United Arab Emirates, 2001

Achgin Vanaik, The Ethics and Efficacy of Political Terrorism, 2002

G. Aloysius, Caste Against Nation in Ambedkar, 2002

Sunanda Sen, Global Finance and Development, 2003

G. Aloysius, Interpreting Kerala’s Social Development : A Historical Sociological Percpective, 2003

K.S. Subramanian, Development Policies and Programmes in the Northeastern Region of India : A Case Study of Tripura, 2003

G.M. Shah, Economic Reforms in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan, 2003

G.M. Shah, The Post-Independence Political Transformation in Uzbekistan, 2003

G.M. Shah, Travel Geography of Sha-i-Hamdan : Spatial Scenario of Rubi-Maskoon, 2003

G.M. Shah, Geo-Political and Socio-Economic Causes of Militancy in J & K, 2003

G.M. Shah, Reflections in Indo-Uzbek Relations, 2003

G.M. Shah, Regional Cooperation in Central Asia : Challenges and Prospects, 2004

G.M. Shah, Regionalisation Scheme for Jammu and Kashmir: A Spatial Framework for Diffusion of Political Crisis, 2004

G.M. Shah, The Evolutionary Road Map for Conflict Resolution : A Region-Specific Proposal for Jammu Kashmir, 2004

Zafar Imam, Central Asia 1850 1990:Education, Press and Public Health 2006.

Shri Prakash, India’s Aid to Afghanistan, 2008.

Sunanda Sen, Speculation, Scams and Crisis: Theory and Facts 2009