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Interactive Session

INTERACTIVE SESSION WITH Dr. Annand Kumar (Super 30 Fame) and  Dr. Nazeer Ahmad (NASA Space Scientist) 

On dec11th and dec19th, 2014, XI & XII science students and the faculty had an interactive session with Dr. Annand Kumar (Super 30 Fame) and Dr. Nazeer Ahmad (NASA Space Scientist).The session was presided by Hon’ble Vice chancellor Dr Talat Ahmad  and Principal and Chairman school Dr. Ikramul Haq . 

Despite having different stories of their life and success, they both do have some similarities:

1)    Both Dr. Annand Kumar and Dr. Nazeer Ahmad belonged to poor families. They both understood the plight of poor and are now working towards the upliftment of poor & needy students. 

2)    Dr. Annand Kumar was selected in Cambridge University for higher studies but was unable to join due to poor financial conditions. He used to study during the day time and sell papad in the evening. On other side Dr. Nazeer Ahmad got selected to persue MBBS in a prestigious institute that is, AIIMS but he did not even have the fare to come to Delhi from his home town Tumkur (Karnataka). 

3)    Dr. Annand Kumar is best known for his super 30 programme which he started in Patna, Bihar in 2002. In this programme, economically backward students are prepared for IIT-JEE, entrance exam. By 2014,308 of 360 made it to IIT. So far he has been successful in his job. His achievement is being recognized in India and the world. India and World leaders are lining up for meeting with Super 30 Hero.

Dr. Nazeer Ahmad is a reputed space scientist of NASA. He had been a part of many space and satellite projects of NASA like Saturn, Apollo, and Lunar Land Rover. He worked as a project manager on Hubble Space telescope. He has 12 US patent in advance space. In India, he set up Scholar fund in 1990 called Rank Nazeer Foundation to support poor students. 

What we can learn from them is that poverty can never be an obstacle. What one need is the conviction and passion to achieve one’s goal in life.



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