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Message of the Vice Chancellor regarding early vaccination against COVID-19 Admissions (2021-22)

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  S.No. Subjects ( I to VIII Classes)  
  (i) Islamiat  
  (ii) Urdu  
  (iii) Hindi  
  (iv) English  
  (v) Mathematics  
  (vi) General Science  
  (vii) Social Studies  
  (viii) Drawing  
  (ix) Computer Education   
  a) Secondary School Certificate (X)  
  (i) Advance Urdu    OR  Hindi  -   A  
  (ii) Hindi  - B       OR  Elementary Urdu     
  (iii) English  
  (iv) Mathematics  
  (v) Science   ( Physics , Chemistry  &   Life Science )  
  (vi) Social Science   ( History , Civics , Geography , Economics )  
  (vii)  Islamiat / Hindu Ethics  
  (viii) Physical  &  Health Education  
  (ix) Socially Useful Productive Work( S.U.P.W)  
  b) Senior Secondary School Certificate (XII)  
  Under the 10+2 scheme , students are taught optional subjects along with the compulsory  subjects. In order to qualify for  admission in class XI, the candidate should have passed the Secondary School Certificate/ High School from  recognised school. For non-Urdu medium subjects, it is compulsory to pass the Elementary Urdu Exam.   
  Compulsory Subjects (Qualifying)  
  1) Islamiat / Hidu Ethics  
  2) Elementary Urdu ( fort those students who have not studied Urdu upto VIII stantard)  
  GROUP  A: Humanities   
  Main Subjects  
  (i) English (Core)  
  (ii) Urdu Literature / Hindi Literature / Multimedia & Web Technology  
  (iii) Mathematics / Arabic / Sociology / History  
  (iv) Fine Arts / Economics.  
  (v) Political Science / Geography  
  GROUP B: Science.   
  Main Subjects  
  (i) English (Core)  
  (ii) Physics    
  (iii) Chemistry  
  (Optional Subject any two of the following)  
  (i) Mathematics and Biology  
  (ii) Mathematics and Computer Science  
  (iii) Mathematics and Economics  
  (iv) Biology and Economics  
  (v) Biology and Computer Science  
  GROUP C: Commerce.  
  Main Subjects  
  (i) English (Core)  
  (ii) Business Studies   
  (iii) Accountancy  
  (iv) Economics   
  (v) Urdu Literature / Mathematics/Hindi Literature / Multimedia & Web Technology  
    Note : Candidates who opt for  Multimedia & Web Technology in Huminities/ Commerce stream  should have grade C1 (51% and above ) marks in Mathematics in the qualifying examination.