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M.Phill : Modern History of West Asia

No. of Seats: 1
Programme/Course Fee: Please refer Prospectus of the current Session

Unit I: A Perspective on Approaches to History &Terms

  • Approaches to History
  • Terms and Concepts: Orientalism, Middle East, Near East, West Asia

Unit II: Rise and Downfall of the Ottoman Empire

  • Factors for the Rise of the Ottoman Empire
  • Causes of the Downfall of the Ottoman Empire
  • Scramble for Spheres of Influence Among European Powers
  • Napoleon Invasion of Egypt (1798)

Unit III: European Powers’ Foothold in the Region

  • Growing Influence of the British in the Arabian Peninsula
  • British Mandate
  • French Mandate
  • Independent Struggles
  • Emergence of Nation-States

Unit IV: Emergence of Ideologies

  • Emergence of Nationalism: Arab, Iranian and Turkish
  • Pan-Islamism from
  • Evolution of Zionism

Unit V: Disputes, Conflicts, and Wars

  • Territorial Disputes & Its Consequences
  • Arab-Israel Dispute & Wars
  • Iraq-Iran War
  • Gulf War I
  • Gulf War II

Unit VI: Oil and West Asia

  • Emergence of Oil as a Source of Energy
  • Quest for Nationalisation of Oil Resources
  • Emergence of Oil Cartels
  • 1973 Oil Crisis and OPEC


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